Not Just The Wine Poem by Ayi Escalona

Not Just The Wine

Rating: 5.0

my longing eyes are deeply staring
at the lying empty bottles of wine
and not so far away, is a misty glass
in it, is a chunk of haply floating diamond
melting fast, against the buoyancy
of the unfriendly and acidic liquid

not far away too, is a virtual riverbed
that extends between my drying throats
down to the provocative and tempting glass
gulp! gulp! in every lump of fluid that comes
is a commotion to my system
what had happened ….and look!

there are stars produced in the air
but only my weary eyes could see,
ohhh… did the skies came close?
i could only wonder
or the wine drifted close to my heart
washing away sticky painful thoughts

but the glass is empty now
the space is void of hope
but the dawning sun
caused my optimism to grow
when the silver curtain breaks…..
she came running with open arms

please...please.... please
don’t wake me

I’m still dreaming

Ashraful Musaddeq 26 May 2009

Sweet poem with cute ending,10++

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Lady Grace 23 August 2009

wait..dont wake me..naa pa bay tuba? ..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....murag lampinig diay...tagay pa, , hasta malipong..maynoon...musalom na sa sugong kay kaingon ug naay giandam nga tughong..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 19 June 2010

'there are stars produced in the air' this i think is the most interesting line here... really poetic!

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Catrina Heart 25 November 2009

wonderful poem shared here...nice wordings and flow...cute ending! ! !

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John Shea 02 November 2009

I love to drink wine and really hate to wake up during a great dream.Really can relate.Pizza and wine really gets me started.

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Moonbee Canady 28 October 2009

Very Good Write... Good Descriptive Words, Good Visual of a Guy with a Hangover... We kinda have the same take on the topic... check out my poem: 'Red Sparkling Wine' ... (told you it was similar - smile) ... MoonBee

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 26 October 2009

when the silver curtain breaks….. she came running with open arms these lines have life. beautiful. shan

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