! ! ! Not One Artificial Painted Heart! ! ! Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ! ! Not One Artificial Painted Heart! ! !

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Non One Artificial Painted Heart
by Rema Prasanna

A smile embraces
heart and soul
I need to hold aside on a
day of disdain
In a way to impound
isolated feelings of one
docile elfin dream

Hearts are overhauled
when clogged up
thru an élan bypass
painless pain needles impart
plaques of mind
repress innermost
Mind cannot be bypassed
on needle points

Black dot leaves
stains for ever
white flawless on
all surfaces
at one remorseful end
white conceals dark
like the gleam of a lantern
reflects no fade
no blend on it to
clog and block

Artificial painted hearts
isolate feelings
isolate love
isolate kindness
isolate humanity
And crush mind
on a dark base
one fatal error
no escape.....

A smile embraces heart
and soul I need...
not from artificial
painted hearts
but from a pure heart
where soul can be
percieved from within

Kesav Easwaran 20 May 2008

‘mind can not be bypassed on needle points’! wonderful words! no needle work or blade work will help de- clog these hearts…perhaps, only love potions…rema, another very good poem from you… a ten…

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Usha Pisharody 18 May 2008

Beautifully enunciated, the metaphor of the Artificial heart!

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Abha Sharma 12 May 2008

Very true, ... artificiality of any kind cannot be digested or entertained…. Pure Words and feelings are easily conveyed, even if remain unspoken, but spoken without feelings are like trash…. Well composed thought…. **Abha**

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Indira Renganathan 09 August 2008

Very deep thinking.Distress should be destressed.One has to buoy up shirking the artificiality by practice.Nice write.Thank you

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rohit sapra 26 July 2008

Purity of thoughts is the only way to overcome artificiality which is clearly described in this poem. Very nice poem this is.

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Wanelisa Albert 10 July 2008

this poem inspires me to pursue Honesty...thanks

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Onelia Avelar 10 July 2008

O, yes! Let`s run far away from that ubiquitous Kitsch - artifical painted hearts everywhere - great idea - it`s what i like at first and the poem is very well composed - non artifical, but organic one

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Subbaraman N V 02 June 2008

Let us paint the heart with nature's brush and color and we will have only pleasure for ever and never pain!

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