Old Faces

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Old faces I saw every day
Although I barely knew their names,
I noticed when they were not there
And each did leave a void,
Within my life I missed their smiles
The conversations that we shared,
I knew they must have passed away
And gone to meet their Lord.

Old faces warmed me from the cold
I felt through winter's darkest months,
They all did bring a chink of light
To spare me from my woes,
They never knew a mere 'hello'
Was gold unto my lonely ear,
For it did break the frozen spell
Then cast upon my life.

Old faces that held sympathy
For me through deepest times of need,
Who gave me comfort when alone
But now they come no more,
Yet I was blessed to know them all
And one day we shall meet again,
To talk about those years now passed
And happy times we shared.

Old faces rest in peace my friends
I know you're in a better place,
Yet sometimes feel your presence here
Unless my mind runs wild,
I look unto the stars above
If you can hear I send my thanks,
For I shall not forget you
Nor the joy you gave to me.

Tsira Goge 15 March 2009

Andrew, It's very warm poems, you possess remarkable a stream of words, I am admired...10... /thank you for the kind comment../ Best wishes, Tsira

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Duncan Wyllie 15 March 2009

A touch of excellence! ! ! , ah yes! ! check the Authors name again, The brilliant Mr A Blakemore Love duncan X

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Bonnie Collins 17 March 2009

This once again is filled with much happiness, rather than sadness, as I see this as a person looking back at happier times, and wishing those who were near, now passed to another kingdom, well... Your flow was perfect as uauall.......

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Lynda Robson 17 March 2009

Andy, you have a wonderful heart that allows you to see things so clearly, old faces are a comfort and when they are gone we eventually become the old faces, and so life goes on, excellent write my friend, 10 Lynda xx

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Thad Wilk 21 March 2009

Fascinating poem Andy, in every sense of the word. And as Lynda says, eventually WE become - the old faces.. Thank you for sharing this poetic masterpiece! ! *10*! ! Best always, Friend Thad

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Ernestine Northover 03 May 2009

People are forever disappearing, gone from our view and somehow sadly missed. Why do we appreciate all these confidants when they are passed and gone when we should appreciate them whilst they are alive to us. The earth moves on, and we are all on a conveyor belt slowly vanishing into the unknown. I like this one enormously. Thank you for writing it. Love and hugs Ernesitne XXX

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Anjali Sinha 28 March 2009

Excellence! ! ! ! ! personified A++++ 10+++ can I give you more anjali

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Sandra Fowler 27 March 2009

Bittersweet. Old is definately gold in this nostalgic poem. Some faces we will miss for the rest of our lives.10, of course. Warm regards, Sandra

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Sandra Martyres 25 March 2009

Wonderfully told... we all go through this sad phase of noticing missing old faces...especially in Churches, parks and other public places..Lovely poem Andrew..10+

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Ernestine Northover 25 March 2009

That is a lovely thought Andrew, and I know what you mean, so many people have passed on that seemed to be part of ones life, even though they were not there all the time. Life moves on, death moves on, time moves on, but memory stays, which is so good. love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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