'On Christmas Poem by Bernard Snyder

'On Christmas

Rating: 4.8

I'm going to purchase the finest bottle of wine
then prepare a gourmet dinner
have the table elegantly set
with two candles in the center,
I will have rose petals throughout the hall way
scented candles all along the stairs
a couple of logs burning in the fireplace
just in case my queen appears,
if I should happen to be so lucky
and she emerges from one of my dreams
I'm going to take her by the hand
then sing about what this means,
but if this Christmas is like all the others
where she still isn't crossed off from my wish list
I'm going to wine and dine the night away
and pray she shows up after Christmas.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship
Michael Mcparland 07 December 2014

I absolutely love this and relate whole heartedly. A 10. Excellence.

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Liza Sudina 01 March 2016

Oh! I would pray about tha apparition of Christ on Christmas. it's more logical and pleasant! :) very tender poem!

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Susan Lacovara 18 June 2015

I, too, have prepared a beautiful Christmas Dream, only to think Santa may not have received the letter on time. Maybe your Queen is travelling the same train as my Prince. I loved this poem Ten!

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Clarence Prince 26 December 2014

If she doesn't come, just do your praying, Bernard! There is hope, keep the faith!

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Antonio Liao 17 December 2014

.... your shield of wisdom capture my quest to allure the spirit of trail on Christmas season; you have just touches our heart on the joyous beats on this merry season of Hope and LOVE. my Prayer of good health for your Family will bring this Christmas to laughter and success in your life and in your Career. God bless

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Gillena Cox 08 December 2014

nicely written a recipe for never being caught unprepared

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