On This Friendship Day I Thank You All... Poem by M D Dinesh Nair

On This Friendship Day I Thank You All...

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A Friendship Day yet again
And I stand at the crossroads looking at them.
I stand in the dark while they stand in the light
And I begin to see them, only a few..
But they are there.

I need to stand in the light to be seen by them
And my friends, flash your torch of love
To erase this shade of darkness at times...

I thank you one and all..
I thank my oldest friend Surya Rao now 92
Who guided me for long on life and what not..

I thank Valsa my poet wonder not just born as my sister,
I thank Valerie and Hazel my learnt elder poet sisters living in the UK,
I thank Diane who plays magic with words and Heather my eldest sister from the U.S,

I thank Ramesh Rai and Chandra the observers of life all around,
I thank Nasarudheen, Bhaduri and Jayachandran my poet brothers in touch,
I thank John and Shahzia the poets with learning and broad minds,

I thank my dear Unwritten Soul, who writes and writes a lot of truths,
I thank Subbulakshmi and Geetha my two other sisters and ardent readers,
I thank Aswanth our Magic Box and Payal the nightingale.

I thank Robinson, Elenu and Bobby for smiling at me now and then,
I thank Peerboccus and Thomas Hise for being my friends once.
Where are you both now?

And I thank all others who are my friends otherwise over the PH.
Finally all my young friends, all my students mostly under 25
Bubbling with energy and optimism
While making me always feel younger..

And thank you all for being my friends.
Aren`t you?

If I haven`t thanked any one who thinks I am already his/her friend over here, I am sorry. I shall add your names while going for thanking you all once again.
Valsa George 03 August 2013

On this Great day, let me reciprocate this wonderful feeling of friendship expressed. May I claim you as one of my close friends here on PH. Thanks for the encouragement and warmth lavished! We poet friends are a single clan here. Let us be bound by friendship! ! Enjoyed these lines that have a personal ring about them!

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Valerie Dohren 03 August 2013

And I thank you in return Dinesh for all your great writes, and wish you also a Happy Friendship Day.

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Heather Wilkins 03 August 2013

I thank you too Dinesh for your friendship. It has been my pleasure meeting you and reading your poetry.

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Shahzia Batool 04 August 2013

Yes, we are! ! ! i'm equally humbled & honored to see my name in this galaxy of all young and old shining stars...and this is the second time after that dream get-together...thanks so much! ! ! rgds...

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Unwritten Soul 04 August 2013

Thanks a lot for including me and my soul to be written in your nice poem, happy friendship day to u too and to all my friends, each of them, may bliss does glitter happiness in your heart, and shine happiness till the end of time. take care everybody, and again thanks Dinesh_Soul

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Payal Parande 09 August 2013

oh! how did i miss this piece but its okay we'll celebrate our friendship day now, happy friendship day sir, may your tears always come from laughter...thank you for this heart whelming piece love payal

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Geetha Jayakumar 07 August 2013

Happy Friendship day to you too.A beautiful write shining with your warmth and kindness. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with us. Loved reading it.

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Chandra Thiagarajan 05 August 2013

Thanking you for the kind words offered on this friendship day and may the golden thread of friendship bind us together in PH. I RECIPROCATE THE WARM FEELINGS OF RIENDSHIP, DINESH NAIR! !

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Aswath Raman 05 August 2013

I'm probably not worthy enough to be noted here that too with great poets. But i guess I can be a good friend. Happy friendshipday sir!

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Hazel Durham 05 August 2013

A beautiful write shining with your warmth and kindness, thank you so much Dinesh and happy friendship day to you too.

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