One World With One Race Poem by Amitava Sur

One World With One Race

Rating: 4.9

No matter which country, which religion
And what color you belong.
It matters me, whether you're with humanity,
Where I try to belong.

We all on this earth -
Are the children of Divine
Like a bouquet of flowers in a bunch,
Some may be small and some are big -
But together it looks fine.

Mortal is this life, here -
Nobody is for good,
Still we hate - and fight with might
And end this life with - no good.

Love all and be kind to all
Kindle the lamp of hope.
Arise awake …. united we stand
For sure, we shall reach the goal.

The goal is.....
One world with one race
The mankind with full of grace.

Where all will be bold and bright
Our heads will be kept straight upright,
An unhindered peaceful world
Like the abundant blue sky.

Amitava (4.11.2012) 7-00 am


Monday, September 16, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: peace
It's about a world where there is no difference between any caste & creed neither any difference between any religion. It's all about a unified world.

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Amitava Sur
Hazel Durham 20 September 2013

Beautiful poem full of hope for the future where love will rule supreme!

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Patricia Grantham 22 September 2013

A wonderful poem my friend. Nicely worded and well penned. One world: race, creed, color. No more separation. A flower with many colors and still beautiful. Will bear fruit one day. Hope for the best. Very inspiring

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Valsa George 02 October 2013

Love is the binding force and all differences of class, caste and colour disintegrate when human hearts are filled with the magic potion of divine love. Unfortunately each one builds a citadel around him and within these walls of segregation, he confines himself! A beautiful poem with a lofty message!

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Hazel Durham 01 January 2014

Beautiful with great wisdom and humanity, to love is the most powerful emotion of all it brings joy, peace and hope to our world! I love this inspired write!

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Gajanan Mishra 11 January 2014

mankind with full grace, very fine, thanks.

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Hans Vr 05 October 2014

Excellent, a world full of peace, one race named humans, so good. I love it.

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Savita Tyagi 30 June 2014

Beautiful poem with great message of love and unity. If more would follow the world would've a better place. Rhythm and flow is superb.

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Roseann Shawiak 16 May 2014

One world united in peace like the flowers in a gigantic garden, bringing joy and beauty to all the world. Touched my mind and heart, with hope that someday our earth will be that ideal you have portrayed in this poem. Great one, most artistic poet, Amitava! RoseAnn

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Erika Wingo 27 February 2014

A wonderfully stunning write. I hope your words touch and inspire many others to open their hearts and minds in this way. You have certainly done so for me!

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Lyn Paul 08 February 2014

Great title, Wonderful words... let us prayer that this one race is in this lifetime

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