Parachutes Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE


Rating: 5.0

As seeds blow from the dandelions
Across the fallow field,
They sail upon the autumn breeze
Like parachutes they go,
Whilst floating through the chilly air
To some place far away,
And then shall rest upon the ground
When in the spring they'll grow.

To spread their mark upon the land
And furnish it with gold,
To every corner they shall dwell
Then rise in majesty,
And colour England with their grace
In every nook and verge,
Though some shall fall to stone and stream
And meet their destiny.

Alas my heart does feel for those
Deprived the chance to live,
Who never bloomed within the sun
And lost for evermore,
I stand alone and watch them go
And bless them as they rise,
To seek the breeze and fly afar
The wait for snow to thaw.

Sandra Martyres 04 July 2009

A beautiful piece Andrew...lovely images...10

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Yelena M. 04 July 2009

An amazing ode, I feel airy and light like a dandelion reading it.Perfect flow and delicate emotion all through the verse.These parachutes are floating directly into my favourites :) Thanks for sharing. A.

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Ramesh T A 04 July 2009

Comparison is wonderful in this simple narration! Nice to read!

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Lynda Robson 07 July 2009

A lovely composition Andy, the dandelions are so like parachutes, isn't nature wonderful? It reminded me of when we used to blow the seeds, and say one o clock two o clock etc, 10 from me Lynda xxx

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Andrew, I feel like I am floating after reading this glorious poem. What an original title and sensitive emotion it shows and I will always think of dandelions as parachutes from now, and will even tell my grandchild why! 10 Karin Anderson

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Ben Gieske 18 July 2009

I like the rhythm and the rhymes. They fit in without distracting. A powerful way to highlight the fate of the unborn. Well done.

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Tailor Bell 15 July 2009

splendid work, andrew. as previous comments reflect, absolutely beautiful. inviting and enveloping, drawing one just close enough to nature's unforgivable aspect. excellent. -Tailor

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Tsira Goge 14 July 2009

Andrew, very beautiful poem, it is pleasant to read, I wish you deep a root to England, with difference from dandelions... X-X-X......... Best wishes, Tsira

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Anjali Sinha 14 July 2009

Is England so pretty in summer? We have dandelions growing wild througout the year, all along the sidewalks. whatever you paint a lovely picture -10 anjali

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Kesav Easwaran 13 July 2009

Excellent poem lines Andrew...especially those of the last stanza...compelling to read again and are throwing up a beautiful philosophic message also inconspicuous behind your beautiful dandelions there...thanks...10

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