Paradoxical Alikes Poem by Sathya Narayana

Paradoxical Alikes

Rating: 4.6

Blazing red
Ascetic saffron
Appeal to me
In same tone

Radical cannons
Vedic canons
Sound to me
In same tune

Rishi Marx
Rebel Manu
Seem to me
Right addresses

Take my route
Learn the truth

(Manu was a great exponent of Vedas. He wrote Manu Smrithi
a codified Hindu law based on Vedic tenets)

BY sathya narayana
dt: 11-11-2008

Anjali Sinha 16 November 2008

good flow smooth poetry--- but red and saffron no longer appeal me as in their name lots of attrocieties happen in India.--So right now for me its BEWARE red ---saffron---beware. regards anju

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Ben Gieske 17 November 2008

I like the format of this poem. Unfortunately I am not familiar with most of the content; consequently, it does not mean much to me. I think it would be an effective poem for those who are. However, it does tell me something about you the poet-person.

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Mula Veereswara Rao 17 November 2008

Still some more lines needed to make impact on readers.Personally i don't like Manu and i wrote in telugu stree vada kavita 'manuvu kalam nundi tanuvu daasyam lone'.Good attempt.Sir you have not passed comments on my poem; Politicians-satire'

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Matthew Wood 18 November 2008

Rather good, I've read this style before, you did I good job. I don't have must experience as a critic so there.

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Karla Bardanza 21 November 2008

I wish I could say more than it is a beautiful poem.I am not familiarize with its content.Sorry Dear Sathya Narayana! I am Brazilian! Best wishes Karla Bardanza

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Raja Basu 07 February 2009

Really entertaining.

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really good poem.i love it!

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Zoleka Lusiti 12 December 2008

Simple and rythm is and sounds bold! Well written, I like it and give 10+++

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Gargi Saha 09 December 2008

STriking differences well brought out here. U get 10++...........

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Dr Kamran Haider 04 December 2008

This is simply a wow... simple but so deep... More I read from you, more I love poetry...10 ++++

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Sathya Narayana

Sathya Narayana

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