** Peace Not War ** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

** Peace Not War **

Rating: 4.0

Make love not war
Sleep enough wakes up afresh
Reaching for Heaven’s door
Set aside your stress

We’re breathing the same air
Fragile and vulnerable
What's to compare
What's to grumble

Different religion
Different race
What’s the distinction?
On your face

Is there any difference?
In what you call the greater
What makes you coherence?
To say you’re better

Adversity of conqueror
Influence your paradigm
To create terror
Annexing the emblem

Perception of one’s intelligences
Doesn’t show in your color
What's to display of instances
What's to exhibit of power

Walking tall churning ego
Dragging your pride along
There you go
Embezzling dignities you throng

Common world we live
Obvious language we speak
Let us treasure this gift
Don’t let it loose even a wreak

All nation and continent
The same feets on the ground
Live in peace and jubilant
The past and future will not hound

Dolan Doran 21 January 2009

i like it...it's interesting...your word choice is, as always, picture perfect. It's beautiful. I like.

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Doha Ewiess 25 January 2009

it's a very very very nice poem......I liked it so much.....it's so meaningfull having lots of wonderfull expressions...and its title is also so attractive

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Andrew Blakemore 29 January 2009

Beneath the skin we are all alike - peace not war- a beautiful thought. Excellent work my friend. Best wishes, Andrew

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Rivers' Baby Gurl ;) 04 February 2009

wow...... u have many on the top 500! ! ! ! and i can see why! ! ! ! keep writing! ! ! i love ur work

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Uriah N/A 24 November 2008

I like your diction :) , especially the topic you chose. Songs and poems about war are great to read and listen to. Thank you.

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a rich piece Sulaiman! it is a source of many values which are missed nowadays... sure I choose PeaCe...

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Yelena M. 03 July 2009

Mahatma Gandhi would love it...If only this world would give peace a chance..Thanks for sharing and best wishes to you. A.

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Pandian Angelina 17 June 2009

Unique use of metaphors, simple rhetoric form used well, each stanza end stands out well pronounced. Take time to read my 'God is God' and 'War'

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Effie Yalena Steyn 13 June 2009

I love the line 'we're breathing the same air'. It hits hard a beautiful message. Well done, you write a wonderful poem. Effie.

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Subroto Chatterjee 13 June 2009

And the ones to whom this is actually addressed to should.....listen, and act accordingly. Cheers. Subroto

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