People Of The Window Poem by Ashley Ormon

People Of The Window

Rating: 4.3

Sometimes when there’s nothing to do
and the day is slow, I just watch the People of the Window.

Looking at a woman all dressed up,
skirt and buttoned blazer wearing her high-heeled shoes,
I listen to the tick-tap click-clack sound of her
drawing near.

I wonder where she is off to…

On the opposite side of the street lies a man,
tall man, about six feet high, sitting alone on a bench
reading the daily news, every now and then he’ll take a glance
up from his paper while sipping his tea to watch the children nearby play.

I turn my head to look at the little girls playing
hop scotch, while one little boy catches ants. A woman
passes by him around the age of sixty-two, grabs hold
of the little boy’s arm and shakes her finger.

I guess she must have told him to stop catching ants…

The traffic light at the end of the busy street turns
red and all incoming traffic comes to a halt-
old and new cars both fancy and dull, with the drivers
each consumed in their own world.

One man is on a cell phone, another simply looks around,
a young girl, perhaps, who’s in college, begins to put on makeup.
I spot a middle-aged couple in their red convertible
blasting their music so loudly it muffled the music of the street.

And then the light turns green…

It has been about fifteen minutes now,
Time to say goodbye to all the people of the street,
while I look around for something
to do on my own.

So goodbye businesswoman, tall man,
boy and two girls playing, the elderly lady telling the
young boy to stop collecting ants, and all of the people I’ve
seen in the halting traffic.

Goodbye People of the Window, and I close the curtain blinds shut…

Annie Girl 15 October 2008 words to say except nice work

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Philip Kirkland 18 October 2008

Good work - I don't usually like this form of poem but you do it so well - with a true poet's eye.

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Dillon Gay 19 October 2008

This a very good poem. I find it comforting that I'm not the only one who watches people :) I have also thought of a window as a super HD T.V. screen! Good job and very truthful! It is an instant 9.

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Jason Taylor 20 October 2008

this is great kind of funny to well done keep writing a 9 from me

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this is very intresting ive never read apoemlike this before i like it this could go far

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Kesav Easwaran 02 June 2009

a good write...scenic...eloquent poem picture...thanks Ash...10

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Amy Ludidi 15 March 2009

i like describes[to me] a typical day of jus wonderin whats goin on in life, however, i do think the way u delivered it could b bettr, it could flow bettr, it sounds a lot like a story than a poem, can u get what im tryin 2 say? , nonetheless we all write differently, thts jus my opinion. still a good one word..

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Shekhar Joshi 15 March 2009

you have described so well, the things which we all see or encounter good work

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*Trusting You* 07 November 2008

I have never read or written a poem anything like this.... I like it... its neat. I really like your last line good job. *Purkey Girl*

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Tyrone Wingfield 20 October 2008

Glad to know Im not the only person who just sits there and watches the people aroung them. Great poem 10/10 keep writting

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