Plants Poem by merna ibrahim


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Plants are very tender
they are not from one gender

they die
they live
they take
they give

they are big avail
they don't cause any ail

they live in peace
and the amount of peace always increase

These simple creatures are the preachers
The piles of green is such a beautiful scene
they always look teen and so clean

they have neither fault nor defect
that we must protect and respect! !

Catrina Heart 13 March 2009

A beautiful tribute to plants.......we owe our life to them as a part of the food chain cycle, plants and its contributing factors without plants we will surely die..........10+++

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Omar Ibrahim 13 March 2009

stunning! ! ! ! ! i liked the plants just because of this poem! !

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Muhammad Ali 13 March 2009

very beautiful, seems something breathing... still alive

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Your poetry is growing like a beautiful plant. Keep it up.

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Reem Ehab 15 March 2009

don't want to say any normal words because this is really extra than others, and u r a fantastic poet. There's no words to express how much this poem is great, I hope u believe me. I hope u do better and better.

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Tera lauda 27 September 2021

Gand khol

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Mariam Amr 08 August 2010

Merna this poem make me feel fresh &powerful.I think that u will b a very big poet.

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Wonderful! Loved this little nature poem! Enjoyed; D

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 20 December 2009

Protection and Respect... may all ppl appreciate that! simply and smartly your GREEN PEOM carries a strong message! bravo Merna.10+++++ Thanks For Sharing!

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There are so much that we can learn about how we should live from plants. This a very simple yet profound poem.

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