Preference Poem by R. G. Bell


Rating: 4.8

I've drifted over Trafalgar's rotting hulls,
Seen dolphins play at the pillars of Hercules,
Been camel-ridden to the foot of Cheops
And walked the city Alexander took and named.

I've fingered the ruins of three great empires,
Watched the sun climb up Vesuvius
And plunge itself in Homer's wine-dark sea.
I've beheld these things, but they cannot hold me.

I've become restless with travel.

I'd trade it all to crunch a pair of boots
Across a golden Carolina hill; to find
The grain of seasoned oak with an ax's edge,
To make it fit for fire; and settle down
To raising stock, and heirs, and lines.

Yes, and lines.

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: travel
Shahzia Batool 03 May 2013

Allusive & profuse poetry, informative enough for a reader who is willing to learn much out of the piece! ! !

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Dave Walker 03 May 2013

A great poem, well written and good to read.

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R.j. Wynn 03 May 2013

Great poem and love it,

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Smoky Hoss 07 May 2013

You've discovered what L. Frank Baum found over a century ago; it is our true Home that we are seeking in all our journeys, adventures and hopes. You have found your home, your heart and your souls voice in these elegant words. Masterful, moving poem.

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Scotty Dogg 03 June 2013

I agree with everyone. Terrific poem. Maybe your best. New?

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Crayon Poet 21 August 2018

This is professional in quality, very nice.

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Dr Antony Theodore 02 June 2017

Seen dolphins play at the pillars of Hercules, the camels, ruins of three great empires, restless with travel, beautiful poem very original and a different type of poem you are presenting my dear poet. your knowledge is exceptional. tony

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Paul Brookes 17 December 2013

Good poem well written I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for sharing BB: O)

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Clarence Prince 05 October 2013

I 've become restless with travel Yes, a good many can say that too! Well done!

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Richard Lackman 25 September 2013

R.G., great poem. I think that free vese is actually harder to do well than rhyming poetry becuse in free verse there is no place to hide. The images are vivid and the storyline clear. A really enjoyable glimpse into the mind set of a well traveled person. Dick Lackman

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