Prize Rings Poem by survi sharma

Prize Rings

Rating: 4.5

I knew our end was near
the day we shopped for rings
I thought we were forever dear
but you were not meant to be
my king

that is a day of every girls
but, for me it was a cruel
I learnt the hard way all is not
as it seems
and my life is my own for the

the focus of my attention has
since shifted
and its crazy how closed off I
and now my spirit a new has been
I can't wait never to hear you
say my name

from the moment I looked into
his eyes
the inner depth of my heart
began to sing
so I thank you for all your hate and lies
because they paved my way to
a prize ring!

David Wood 17 July 2013

This is an excellent poem with good rhyming and rythem. I like it very much.

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James Mclain 17 July 2013

Survi-Survi-Survi how have you survived withoutwithout the speaking of such a lovely name....iip

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Hazel Durham 18 July 2013

Beautiful with great rhythm and flow, we can always move onto better horizons!

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Heather Wilkins 19 July 2013

memories will return time after time. but we must look to the future. a good read

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Valsa George 23 July 2013

As dark clouds shift away, prize rings come our way! Rhyming and sweet!

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Nikhil Sharma 11 September 2013

Thats a very natural one, you can be a very good writer...keep it up..and happy to meet you here

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Kinjal Sharma 08 August 2013

what a romantic poem loved it to the core of my heart

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Ankit Sharma 03 August 2013

enchanting music of the soul and a great write

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Good poem of positive energy. For every action has its equal and opposite Positively faing challenges is a good quality. Tense situation easily overcomes.Good content and form.

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~ Jenie~ 26 July 2013

a ring in the prize and a heart winning saga delivered written so well and a great poem

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