Pronunciation 3 Poem by Ahmad Shiddiqi

Pronunciation 3

Rating: 5.0

I left the blurry corner
Where the steps are never shine
Your soul aches for the owner
Of that masked face in the shade

Nana korobi ya oki
Gogo wa ame ga furu so desu yo
Chotto onegai ga arun desu kedo
Kaimono ni tsukiatte kuremasenka

Subarashii nagame desu ne
Ike no naka ni mo utsutte te
Jikan ga tatsu no wa hayai desu ne
Hontoni tanoshikatta desu, iroiro, arigato

The flowers' hopes are blowing toward the East of Eden
For the love has time for embracing in their hearts
Come and rest with me, my queen's guards
Let us hear doves each other singing

(dedicated to a poet friend, Noel Horlanda)

Joseph Poewhit 05 October 2009

Last line is very romantic.

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Abdul Athani 05 October 2009

all the three poems are a hit

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A wonderful triplet of beauteous words and this one is particularly emotive...

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Ben Gieske 05 October 2009

Some beautiful lines. The last line leaves me with a nice wish and feeling.

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Lynn Glover 05 October 2009

Some verses I can read and some I cannot. I wish I could understand the language, I'm sure its a good poem. Lynn

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Juan Carlos Abeti 06 October 2009

very good one regardless i di not understand the middle verses but overall i like it.

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Luwi Habte 06 October 2009

yeah, this is also nice piece luwi

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Omar Ibrahim 06 October 2009

aghrrrrrrrrrrrr! ! ! ! new language! ! ! ! okay my friend i will write in arabic and i will invite you to read you understand arabic? ? ? well i think you do....because you are increadible and super.....

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Noel Horlanda 06 October 2009

Dumo arigato, Ahmad san. I'm flattered you dedicate this piece in my name. I feel proud yah know? . The middle part is written in Nihongin lingo and there are only a couple of words I understood. You're such a great writer 'cause you could write other languages particularly Nihongo. Although I didn't grab the meaning of the whole composition at least I appreciate what you did. Of course the lines written in English were beautiful. Thanks, mate and cheers to you.

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Louis Rams 05 October 2009

a nice flow to this write.

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