Rain Pours Down Poem by Steve Armstrong

Rain Pours Down

Rating: 4.9

The phone call ends, and I step out of the phone box.
It's dark outside, and the cold, hard rain,
beats down on me from above.
Like arrows piercing armour,
so, the rain pierces my soul.
Penetrating, deep, to the bone.

I run for cover, trying to escape,
my body under ceaseless attack,
a thousand steely swords hack at my limbs,
I cannot move now, weighed down by it all.

I break down on the cobbled street beneath my feet,
on hands and knees, sobbing, begging,
Please God, make this stop! My flesh burns,
I feel as though a thousand plagues have decended upon me.

Why? Why did she have to say those three little words?
My life is in ruins because of it,
all because she said;
Sorry, its over...

Ernestine Northover 21 November 2005

This held me, a great finale. Love Ernestine

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Vanessa Brown 18 November 2005

yet another beautiful poem - you really have talent!

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Cj Heck 18 November 2005

Solid emotion richly felt and expressed. Well done, Stephen. Warmest regards, CJ

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Linda Jenkinson 18 November 2005

good description...good poem

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Jon Lloyd 18 November 2005

Nice work, Stephen. Very moving. Jon.

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