*religious Fission... Poem by Vaibhav Pandey

*religious Fission...

Rating: 3.7

Earth evolved, with it the seeds of mankind.
Uncivilised, uncouth yet with fair mind.
Knew they not, the art of differentiation.
A proclivity to progress; their perennial profession.
But with time, their mind needed a healer,
To detoxify their core from the worldly pleasure.

So few came up with a set of spiritual offers,
To build a new world of eclesiastic orders.
Some found peace and others a reason,
To segregate themselves from the bond of unison.
In the name of god, they started a religious fission,
And the essence of oneness vanished with seasons....

Susan Bagley 22 April 2009

Vaibhav, Very philosophical and theological and proufound. A wonderful insight for one so young. My utmost compliments. Ms Susan

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Subbaraman N V 23 April 2009

Not withstanding the fission, I do see a fusion among the real seekers of God!

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 23 April 2009

Yeah how true........we are seperated so much with fanatic faiths leading to chaos...beautifully written

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Louis Rams 23 April 2009

religious unity is in everyone, because their is only one GOD, no matter what name we may give him.

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Tom Golding 23 April 2009

Perceptave and relevent in todays chaotic evolution of spiritual and social changes.

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Louie -Love & Peace- Levy 25 January 2010

Indeed fellow Earthling- your profundity is Humanly well expressed I totally agree with the related contemporary WMD 'Fission' of; War, religion and political controversies You write; 'In the name of god, they started a religious fission, And the essence of oneness vanished with seasons.... ' god is not he god is not she God is We - Buddhism Thank you for your Wisdom sharing. ...louie

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Aditi Singh 01 July 2009

nice effort...well woven...quite impressive...

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Shashendra Amalshan 28 May 2009

you ve used very effective words indeed which can speak to the core of the reader's mind....thanks for the words of wisdom10++

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 08 May 2009

In atomic explosion fission and fusion both are chain process, one related to the other. So is the religious fission and fusion. But your poem is true in spirit and sense......10/10

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Raj Nandy 05 May 2009

I liked the title of this poem, it is very apt! More blood has been lost in this world due to religious fission - than all the World Wars put together! When core of the atom is split lot of evil and negative energy is released! We require' fusion'! Like in music we have excellent jazz fusion! GOD IS ONE, - let us all blend together for the cause of Humanity! I have written on these aspects already! Thanks! 10! -Raj Nandy

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