Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rumor (C) 8-14-07

You walk into school and you have an awkward feeling your being watched
Then people are pointing, staring, laughing, and whispering about you
Your totally oblivious to the surrounding crowd and you continue to go by
Then you ask whats so funny why is everyone laughing without you

You look down at the bottom of your shoe to find a trail of tissue
But weirdly to your disappointment there's nothing there
You check your clothes for a stain or if you have a rip in them
Then you try to comb yourself because it might be gum in your hair

You walk to your locker and there's your friend
and those people will be your friends till the end
You ask them what's going on why are people staring
Tell me what they're or I'll resort to hair tearing

Well yesterday when you weren't at school
There was a rumor being passed around
And there was some crazy stuff said
Now it's like all around the town

They were saying you did this and that
And I didn't know what to say
I didn't believe half what they said
But what they said you did the other day

Or maybe your not a teenager now your at work
and in the office your workmates are going berserk
People are laughing and joking and having a good time
They don't wanna say it directly so they say it in a rhyme

'We heard, We heard, We heard everything you did
You better get tested or you might just have a kid'

You don't understand their taunts nor what it means
So you decide to ask someone why they're acting like teens

'Well we heard that you be gettin down when no one is there
I mean you be messin around on the counter and lettin down yo hair'

Now you're completely stuck and what you hear hurts you
Now your the butt of some stupid childish humor
You don't know why anyone would say this about you
Because there's nothing funny about a rumor

*Virus 12 - Shy*

Corey Threet
D H 06 April 2010
Ouch rumors! ! I hate them but I know how you feel in this poem. Great poem about being ruined by a rumor
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Ramin Chaman 25 September 2009
your poem is very pure and full of significance...
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Jemarie Ragudo 15 August 2007
Rumors are usually nasty and they truly hurt. But if they are lies, they will soon end and not worth a sleepless night. Good poem.
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