Seamstress Waits Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

Seamstress Waits

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Seamstress waits and sews to repair,
As the new rising will happen,
With righteous little earning
She still loves and lives happily
Waiting for Lord's Second Coming,
Like these trees wait for him
On this newly sewed concrete highway,
She has concrete trust on Lord!

Earth Mother has conveyed about,
Present time is crucial,
Time has changed and mother is crying,
God has felt his coming soon,
Flying far above from horizon,
Through appearance and disappearance,
He will come with new incarnation
To teach his disciples to sew wisdom,
White angels are waiting in misty mount,
Seamstress has written prophecy!

Of course her prediction will be true,
Lord, the great power of power will come
As her desired and dreamed world ruler,
To redeem righteous persons and
To punish and purify sinners,
As no alternative is left behind,
Lord will appear to save us
From the danger of vicious world war,
Seamstress is sewing new dress for Lord!

Lord will fly in sky and catch
All nuclear bombs he will defuse,
Through his magical power,
He will wonder all in Wander Land,
Lord will drink whole hot lava
And also he will drink high hot flame
And he will drink the nuclear radiation,
He will save this Earth from danger,
Hearing the prayer of seamstress,
Lord will have his Second Coming soon!

© Kumarmani Mahakul,02 July 2020. All rights reserved.

Seamstress Waits
Thursday, July 2, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: god,social,spiritual,war and peace
Cover photo © Kumarmani Mahakul,1st April 2017. All rights reserved.
M Asim Nehal 05 July 2020

Wonderful poem. He will save this Earth from danger, Hearing the prayer of seamstress,

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Edward Kofi Louis 03 July 2020

Coming soon! ! Muse of the horizon; Waiting. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 July 2020

Hearing the prayer of seamstress, Lord will have his Second Coming soon! ..........Absolutely He surely will come for the 2nd time! Thank you sio much for this greatest pioem Devotional from your golden heart, Master Poet Kumarmanu Mahakul Sir! God's Blessings in Abundance for YOU! This poem goes to MyPoemsList.

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Rajnish Manga 02 July 2020

A poet is a also visionary. He can analyse a precarious situation surrounding the world and come out with a plausible solution. You have nicely done with a philosophical approach. The reference to 'seamstress' as a metaphor lends credence to the theory of vitory of good over bad and evil. Thanks for sharing this marvelous piece of poetry.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 July 2020

Sure God will return again in the same way as He ascended to Heaven Just like his disciples and all the foreign people from all over the world had come to Jerusalem to see Jesus ascending to Heaven. Although amidst them, when Jesus ascended to Heaven, the disciples did not realize that He was ascvending and all of a sudden He was gone, He was out of sight, since clouds have embraced Him. He will return on clouds again and we would not believe our eyes. The seamstress of your poem can see Him

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Bharati Nayak 12 July 2020

God is the creator of the Universe and He listens to the prayers of faithfuls. The seamstress with her unshakable faith waits for the Lord to save the earth from dangers of nuclear war. This imaginative poem in reality expresses the poet's faith and Hope.Secondly in the present context it can be said that only Lord can save the world from a Corona Virus or a nuclear War,

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Anil Kumar Panda 12 July 2020

A great spiritual poem with a hidden message. That God will descend from Heaven someday when injustice and violence will be rife. There is no doubt about it as men are incapable of solving problems among themselves and living in mistrust. Thanks for posting such a wonderful poem.

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He will save this Earth from danger, Hearing the prayer of seamstress, Lord will have his Second Coming soon! Wonderful poem of hope, life and gratitude. Thank you Kumarmani ji for such positive thoughts and a prayer for the whole humanity.......10

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Michael Walker 09 July 2020

The seamstress has unshakable faith in the Second Coming of Christ. She cannot be sure when this will be, as she sews and mends clothing. One day He will 'redeem the righteous' and 'punish sinners'. The photo goes well with your prophetic poem.

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Indira Renganathan 06 July 2020

You are indeed a different poet with different imagery....the usage of " seamstress' as a metaphor is excellent and unusual.....well done Kumar 10++++++

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