Shades Of Silent Spring Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

Shades Of Silent Spring

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Where have all the birds gone?

My feeders used to be crowded
every day, and now
I haven't seen
a single bird
for weeks.

This is the time of year
when bird activity
at my feeders
used to be
the greatest.

One particular type of food
that the birds used to consume
in six days has been hanging
there for two months now
and is still
over half full.

Are the birds dying off
because of avian flu
or some type
of avian covid?

Are other animals affected as well?
Are the raccoons, chipmunks,
badgers, foxes, and squirrels
also disappearing?

Are we humans next?

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson was a 1962 book that documented the environmental harm caused by the indiscriminate use of pesticides.
Kim Barney 07 October 2022

I am experiencing the same exact thing. I haven't seen any birds on my feeders lately, but I did see one sneaky sparrow skulking around the bird seed in Wal-Mart today [indoors]!

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 07 October 2022

Yes we are it's called theresult of climat change

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Smoky Hoss 03 November 2022

I too have noticed this of late, yet I hear the birds beautifully singing in far away trees. Only the ever boisterous Blue Jays do I see lately. You've got me wondering... just as good poetry always does!

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Bri Edwards 09 October 2022

If you've moved a feeder to a new location, the seed has gone bad for some reason, other 'natural' sources of food have increased, or, ....[well, research online or ask other]....birds may not visit feeders so much. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 09 October 2022

But though this one doesn't impress me as a poem, esp. in light of the MANY you've presented which I highly-enjoyed, I'll not insist you delete it. Ha ha. : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 09 October 2022

Thanks for your participation in relay race in Kim Barney's Murder And Mystery At The Olympics. Your 'bird' poem looks like but doesn't sound (to me) like a poem.

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Kim Barney 07 October 2022

I have a copy of the book Silent Spring. I started reading it once and never finished. Maybe I should finish it now...

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