She's Never Been Kissed Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

She's Never Been Kissed

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She's never been kissed!
How could I have missed?
No woman can resist my charms.
I'll welcome her into my arms.
The reason she's not been kissed yet
is just because we haven't met.

One of my PH friends recently left a comment on a poem, saying she has never been kissed. That inspired me to write this whimsical poem.
Sylvia Frances Chan 06 December 2022

Dear Cowboy Ron, you will never go to oblivion, 'cause you remain the constant clown. Enjoyed your poem very much Top Stars 5 All

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Susan Williams 29 January 2023

okay, no stars available to splatter all over this so I put it in my favs to visit when I need a warm-hearted chuckle

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Susan Williams 29 January 2023

you are such a Cowboy! ! ! ! Bumped into many of your cowboy kind at rodeos and trail rides and now on a poetry site and I must say----long live the spirit of the whimsical and friendly American Cowboy.....5 giggling stars, my friend

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Cowboy Ron Williams 29 January 2023

Ah, dear 'Cousin' Susan, thank you. But if you ever met me in person you would stop giggling and start puckering!

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Kim Barney 24 December 2022

What confidence! That's the spirit!

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Smoky Hoss 24 December 2022

Pure Cowboy style this is! Your pappy must've been a pistol, because you're a son-of-a-gun!

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Kim Barney 24 December 2022

That phrase came not from Johnny Cash nor Jerry Reed, but from Roger Miller in his song 'Dang Me'.

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Cowboy Ron Williams 24 December 2022

Thanks, Smoky. Seems like I have heard that phrase in a western song. Johnny Cash? Jerry Reed?

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Bri Edwards 08 December 2022

Or could it be that YOU, Ron, are using Poetic License and telling a fib/lie/falsehood? ! bri ;)

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Cowboy Ron Williams 08 December 2022

We Cowboys never lie. We leave that to you, Bri. Forgive me this one time. I had to make a rhyme.

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