Simple Poems Poem by Linda Ori

Simple Poems

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Sometimes I like to write a poem
That doesn't take much thought
Just put the pen to paper
Close my eyes and start to jot;
I give my pen the freedom
To travel where it may
Such wonderful surprises come
From minds let out to play;
No structure, rhyme or rhythm,
To complicate the flow
Just pure and simple language
From a source that I don't know;
It's difficult to write a poem
That's technically correct
When all I want to do is play
With thoughts that don't connect;
Sometimes you gotta let it say
Whatever comes to mind
Some poems just like to write themselves -
Those are the funnest kind!

Barbara Terry 30 June 2006

OH I agree Linda. This is such a simple poem, that tells a whole complete line of thoughts. And who writes 'structured' poetry anymore? To me poetry is the song of the soul, and when our souls sing, we MUST write the song down. Poetry is also very personal, and you just cannot put a 'structure' to personality. This is very light, very true, and gives a body something to think about. Thanx for sharing. Barbara

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Preeti - is here! 30 June 2006

Now, this simple poem is so nice! Yes, let your pen travel freely..or my fingers on the keyborad from my point of view! Preets

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Aashish Ameya 30 June 2006

when we don't want to write then poem choose us. good thought, keep writing

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John Tiong Chunghoo 30 June 2006

linda, i cant agree more. poetry the dance of the mind

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Daniel Tyler 04 July 2006

many people whine pretentiously about how important they are as writers and all of the mind-boggling creative processes they go through. With this witty poem, you set the record straight, Linda. Like all good poets your work comes from the sub-conscious.

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Reshma Ramesh 05 November 2008

that i so true...........i feel the same way....lovely

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Barry Van Allen 21 March 2007

Linda, Oh! , I know that it is true ... but, if that poem wrote it's self - why are you taking credit for it ? Can you plagiarize yourself? B.V.A.

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Chuck Audette 06 October 2006

Cute! It would have taken me hours to have written that. -chuck

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Duncan Wyllie 09 July 2006

What a great idea, and such a source of inspiration, this is lovely and so FREE>>>>>> love duncan X

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Rusty Daily 08 July 2006

My thoughts exactly Linda. I don' like to be bound by convertion. Whether or not the reader has a problem with that is their problem.

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