// Snow Night Freedom // Poem by ahmed khaled

// Snow Night Freedom //

Rating: 4.8

go too far takers
verily the sun you came to take
turned to a snow ball
very little snow ball
walking on streets of papers
raising all deleted words
hidden lines
and fallen faces
those were disabled to fly
in the glassy sky of rainy mirrors
so bled both the eyes and glances
in drops: half red, half green
the loving see the red
the beloved see the green
and the poetry master
see them both
so go too far takers
no sun, no day
no light to raise in hands
the sun..snow ball
and the snow ball
walked very long
on poetry books
women chests
and men shoulders
so became an ink drop
refusing jails of papers
all byte cells
and gates of one zero
to be a graceful
free black man
his name
is freedom
his name
is night

Unwritten Soul 07 January 2012

Fight for sun after snow fall at midnight...Artistry dwell in your poetry then grow and grow to be bigger in many lines, the meaning.. as you help many people there when walking on streets of papers by your ink feet raising all deleted words in your metaphor beauty hidden lines but exist in understanding and fallen faces yet to rise I like this part: for me i look into this vision- in drops: half red, half green: Collision of two pigments that make flowers(red) and leaves(green) come one as natural beauty! ! ! the loving see the red: how brave and passionate it is, strong feeling the beloved see the green....: how peaceful it was

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Binish Cd 07 January 2012

ur really a great poet, dear friend.........

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 06 January 2012

Great poem friend, we wish and pray that your people get the freedom they deserve...and your voice to fight for freedom of your people, realy touches me...thanks for sharing.

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Charles Darkly 06 January 2012

This is very good. I enjoy your work immensely friend.

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Silverinna Annastasia 06 January 2012

Well done, my friend, well done.

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Deep Mukherjee 26 March 2012

the loving see the red the beloved see the green and the poetry master see them both....... what an outstanding piece of writing! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Makhosonke Dhlamini 21 January 2012

Wonderful piece of art, I enjoyed it

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Olayemi Ayo 18 January 2012

You have written a very lovely poem keep it up man.

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Kara Towe 11 January 2012

Good poem. Keep penning :)

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Jacqui Broad 09 January 2012

Black and white. Good and evil. Why must there be war before peace? A great poem, my friend. Poets can still see the beauty and remind others who might have lost all hope. You've succeed, dear poet.

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