Snowing In Durango Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

Snowing In Durango

Rating: 5.0

It's snowing in Durango,
and my thoughts are turning back
to when I stepped into a store
just looking for a snack.

The snow was falling hard that day
and I was cold and blue.
The girl behind the counter smiled,
and somehow I just knew

that she and I were meant to be;
she was a living doll.
I'd given up on finding love,
but found it after all.

My hunger somehow disappeared,
forgotten by her charm.
We talked and talked, and through it all
I managed to get warm.

We married six weeks after that;
it lasted fifty years.
I buried her three years ago,
along with many tears.

As snow keeps falling here, I think
I truly have been blessed.
Of all the women in the world,
she was the very best.

Bharati Nayak 29 November 2022

Your love has been immortalized in this lovely poem!

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Belle Wassermeister 28 November 2022

Sounds like the snack you were looking for turned into a feast! Great rhythm and rhyme. Excellent work!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 29 November 2022

Thanks, Belle. Your comment is truly appreciated.

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Cowboy Ron Williams 13 January 2023

Dear Belle, thank you so much for commenting on this. I thought I had already replied, but I don't see it.

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Susan Williams 30 December 2022

I hear its words being sung by the fireplace by a lonely cowboy remembering better years and the woman he loved---beautiful words, my friend

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Cowboy Ron Williams 13 January 2023

Dear 'Cousin', thank you so much. Good to hear from you again.

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Bri Edwards 30 December 2022

Ron, did you meet your honest-to-goodness wife that way? ;) You were a lucky cowboy! : ) bri

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Bri Edwards 30 December 2022

I'd buy myself a yummy snack, swing the gal and then give her back. You can have her, be my guest. I wish you & her the very best. bri : )

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Bri Edwards 30 December 2022

Ron, as I see no 'rating-stars' in the PH sky (a not unusual occurence (sp?) these days, I will not be needing to wring my hands deciding how many to give to this love poem.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 30 December 2022

Exactly ONE MONTH after you have submitted this poem, this so beautful poem is chosen as The Member Poem Of The Day. I congratulate you double, Ron.

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