So Tired Poem by Lee Degnan

So Tired

Rating: 4.8

Lifeless and barely breathing
body so cold and cyanotic
from the exposure of you
the icy ocean of your being
as if you've taken my soul,
raped it and left it for dead
those eyes that seem to pierce
right through me
down to the very essence
that was my spark
and you're snuffing it out
just for your amusement
how is it that you can just find me,
after I picked up the pieces
from the last time
you were here
only to come back
and disassemble
everything i've built up
like blowing down a house of cards
There is no fight left
nowhere to run away
you have it now so easy
to do as you will with me
So I take your bitter pill
and let the waves hit me
because I want to feel nothing
no more, no less.

Dr.subhendu Kar 04 October 2007

quite intersting with beautiful metaphors razzling over the icy ocean! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! , well penned

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Jemarie Ragudo 04 October 2007

You wrote some mind boggling metaphors in this poem. One must read this work slowly and let the words take the mind to the realm of imagination, then feel the intensity of the message. Excellent.

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A stunner, Lee. t x

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Cecelia Warner 27 June 2007

Lee, I don't know what to say... Your words are INCREDIBLE and very eloquently spoken...but at the same time, your pain is also mine. I love you. Glad you/we have this site for an outlet...You use it very well! Keep it up but NEVER GIVE UP! Love always, Cecelia

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Alison Smith 29 December 2006

Within that small flicker that remains of you a fire to engulf them all will grow... The fight is never over till the last chime is tolled.... Alison

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