Sonnet Ii-Truth's, Truth Revealed Poem by Yash Shinde

Sonnet Ii-Truth's, Truth Revealed

Rating: 4.6

Truth never held by barriers
Finds a way to rush out
The same truth sets barriers
Between friends, turning them lout

Fears no questions, same to everyone
This god's voice, the immortal's word
Though its virtue higher the skies
Has no value in this liar world

Truth, as sharp as sword
, though abrasions it heals……………
But awful for those
Whose secrets it reveals……….

But this sword blunt by lie's shield
Is defeated today in world's battlefield.

Copyright © Yash Shinde 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: truth
Hazel Durham 13 October 2012

A powerful message, so well written, great write.!

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Unwritten Soul 13 October 2012

Good sonnet and again you did it...keep writing Yash_Soul

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Asif Andalib 13 October 2012

Nice poem but this is not the final frontier. Truth wins at last. It needs a worthy warrior to win.

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Joseph Anderson 13 October 2012

If you are only 14 my friend, then you are off to a good start. I found this a very stimulating, uplifting read. Not quite enough feet in each line to make it a true sonnet form, should be 10 feet, but well done. Keep at it

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Yash Shinde 19 March 2014

Thanks everyone for your appreciation and feedback- Yash Shinde

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Akhtar Jawad 01 June 2014

Three blind men went to an elephant, . One of them touched his ears, he commented the elephant is like a tray. Another one touched his leg, he commented it's like a pillar. The third one touched his tail, he commented it's like a snake. It is difficult to define truth, every one has his own point of view. Every one is right up to an extent and every one is wrong, too. A thing from different frame of references appears different. In this poem you appeared an angry young man and wrote a beautiful poem, but swords are not the solution. Donate your eyes for a life longer than that of you, so that a blind man is capable of watching the complete elephant.

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Shahzia Batool 15 May 2014

@the theme: there's no denying that such a grim battlefield exists, and we see a sorry state of affairs too as you related here, but yes, truth always finds a way in the long run... @the sonnet: you have all the capabilities Yash, you could have followed the complete Shakespearean alternate rhyme scheme in the 2nd and the 3rd stanzas too...with a little effort! @punctuation: 3 dots do well but not more than 3, you can edit, even the 3 are not required here... quite meaningful poem!

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You write amazing poems. Very touch and emotional. I really like this poem.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 25 April 2014

truth is bitter...the depth in your poems is really amazing for a 16-year-old...

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Valsa George 21 March 2014

We often believe that ultimately truth will triumph! But unfortunately truth is made blunt and lie cutting sharp in today's battlefield... As a feeling youngster, you are disappointed over this reversal of values.... A great write!

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