Sound Of Silence Poem by Romeo Della Valle

Sound Of Silence

Rating: 5.0

Mute to words of reason,
Lost intention gropes
Dim in the memory
Of a past forbidden love and hope
That seem forever lost...

Echoes still persist,
Repeating the message
Delivered by suggestion
In the deafness of language...

Empty, empty canyons
Make louder wanting sounds
And their silent ways
Become vivid footprints
Of mindful grounds...

Tunes ardently played once,
Impressing within her ears,
The sphere of sound
That now she cannot longer hear...

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Hans Vr 19 February 2012

A big 10 Romeo. I like this poem a lot. Silence can be a blessing, silence can be a curse

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Danny Draper 16 March 2012

A fine poem, and a good read.

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John Hazon Palen 28 February 2012

Wow as in WOW! I wonder how you could appreciate my poems as well! ; ')

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Valerie Dohren 26 February 2012

Beautiful poem, an enjoyable read.

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Ronald Grayson 22 February 2012

This speaks out to you, and the words flow, and makes you a part, of the poem, it was just a lovely poem

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Vipins Puthooran 19 February 2012

Yet, we've lost the gift of silence...... and the essence of silence! ! ! ! It's a great poem, excellent penning! ! ! 10++

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Romeo Della Valle

Romeo Della Valle

Dominican Republic
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