Sound Pollution Poem by Elena Sandu

Sound Pollution

Rating: 5.0

We have many moments
that we could call Unique
and Wonderful.
It reminds me of the day's
breaking this winter's silence.
Before 6 am walking on the snow,
I could hear only my steps
until a bird joined..
Then another and another,
and a tree would squeak,
and the wind would sing..
but one 'fancy' speeding car
forced us all
back to Silence.

Hans Vr 12 May 2012

This is a fantastic poem Elena. I like it really very much. Sometimes it are the small, small sounds that create the magic And yes, then a car and all is gone A super 10 for this one

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Valerie Dohren 17 May 2012

The magic of nature is so often spoilt by man. Very good write.

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Rekha Mandagere 16 May 2012

Is civilization boon or curse to nature? It is highly thought provoking and elegantly expressed! Really worth reading such poems which creates awareness to save life and save nature!

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Wow! This is so wonderful, I really admire the way in which you made me form a image, and vision the latter, its nice poem, well written The_African_Son

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 08 May 2012

Like the poem Elena, the picture you painted is beautiful.

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Clinton 30 November 2020

I don’t understand you said that it was about noise pollution

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Super man 17 November 2020

Thank You very much

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Gay Man 22 February 2019

this sucks assss! ! ! ! ! !

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Elna Nel 08 June 2012

This is truly beautiful. Well done!

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Captain Cur 25 May 2012

I hope it was not my Cougar 390. Well written and truthful rendering of our modern life. We have drowned out the beautiful sounds of nature. I wonder if the birds sing louder now to drown us out.

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