Sparrow On A Roof Poem by Walterrean Salley

Sparrow On A Roof

Rating: 5.0

A sparrow perched atop
A roof
Encountered myriads
A spoof
But he only sung.

The sun beamed upon
The day.
The sparrow sung his heart
Seems that he had fun.

And though a serpent lurked
Quite near,
The little songbird
Didn't fear,
Nor became undone.

Such little bird one must
As he raised his voice
The more,
With a tune far flung.

Sally Plumb Plumb 04 July 2012

Lovely! Try Sparrows when you have a spare few seconds. Thanks.

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Kevin Halls 04 July 2012

Lovely words on a bird that's often called dull and common. After reading this maybe the Sparrow will get the praise it deserves? Smashing poem.

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Heather Wilson 04 July 2012

Sing birdie sing, sparrows are lovely birds, we have many in our garden, a great poem.

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Valerie Dohren 05 July 2012

Very sweet, adore birds, lovely poem.

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Nature displays Her splendours so wonderfully

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Spiritual Seeker 15 July 2012

Such natural flow...i cant stop reading! Truly enjoy this poem....i wish i am the sparrow! I love sparrows....written a few in my poems. A great 10!

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The Reader 07 July 2012

Yes -Such little bird one must Adore,

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Walterrean Salley 06 July 2012

Glad you asked Captain. Here’s what happened. The serpent was hypnotized. He was so charmed by the sparrow’s sweet melody that instead of eating the little bird, he devoured himself – tail first. The only thing left of him was his head, but he had no more ‘bite’ in him. However, as for the sparrow, well, he kept on singing-until he flew away. What a happy little bird!

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Captain Cur 06 July 2012

Sally, you know I want to know what happened to the serpent. You left me hanging here. Yea, he would of ate the bird in my poem, but you are more forgiving than I. I liked the spunk that little guy showed fending off that larger nasty fellow.

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