! ! Life Renewed Poem by Bob Blackwell

! ! Life Renewed

Rating: 3.3

I look up into blue, blue heaven,
watching a cloud move slowly
drifting, floating, as it passes aimlessly
through the unique experience of
a firmament that holds the truth of all.

As this white, wispy, fluffy cloud moves
it grows bigger as it collects, and gathers
moisture from below, it is happy knowing
its mission is to be a ship, to carry the
natures spirit, life’s renewal, water.

It is at peace, content, knowing that
when its life’s elixir falls as rain upon our
world, it will disappear, will be no more,
but given time its life’s force will return
to serve yet again, in yet another form.

Each ending is always
the start of something new.
Life’s perpetual changes manifest
as a rebirth of something else.
Each time the sun rises,
it sees a different world,
at dusk it sets again, and we are
happy knowing it will rise again.

Like magic, plants grow, flowers blossom,
seeds fall, nuts crack and new life appears.
As each season ends, a new one begins.
A cycle of plenty is followed by one of drought.
Our own cycle of birth and death must
surely follow on to breathe a life renewed.
One energy one life force encompasses all we see,
it is our Oneness that makes the changes happen.


rago rago 07 July 2009

flow of birth well incorporated.........and let it be my favourite poem.........

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C. P. Sharma 12 December 2008

A sweet song of wanderings from birth to birth. How true! there is no death, it is rebirth. CP.

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Chitra - 30 November 2008

This is truly a wonderful poem, highly inspirational, so much to learn from the divine canopy...the best thearpy for a life that needs a revamp and impetus

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Mamta Agarwal 28 October 2008

Bob, this so profound and true. there is no birth no death, no coming no going, only new manifestation, when the conditions are right. the last stanza is really beautiful. you have through lovely images distilled the essence of life. thanks, enchanted. HAVE A LOVELY DAY Mamta

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Rani Turton 23 October 2008

The magic of change, seasons, renewal, the whole cycle of life in terms that are truly poetic. Thanks, Bob.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 17 September 2019

It is at peace, content, knowing that each ending has values and emotion. Renewing life in nature's core we feel the broadness of life. Oneness that makes the changes happen is of ours. An excellent poem is nicely penned.10

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Another inspirational poem Bob. The cycle of the earth and renewal of life, is so well told, and I appreciate how you place the words, not only with beauty, but with words I can totally understand. 10 love Karin

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Ben Gieske 04 September 2009

Beautifully expressed. If only we could live one day at a time, as if that will be the only and last day.

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Ritty Patnaik 23 July 2009

life renewed.......magnificent poem bob! one feels rejuvinated reading such good work.thanks for sharing

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Mamta Agarwal 15 July 2009

nothing dies, it just changes form. cloud, rain, snow flakes- all different forms that manifest according to different conditions. very inspiring Bob. Mamta

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