Stony, So What? Poem by Kesav Venkat Easwaran

Stony, So What?

You tell me
Your heart that loves me
Is pure as dew water;
You tell me
You scribe my name,
There on every page,
Every new chapter

All scripts,
Written on water,
Melt away,
As soon as they enter,
Be they rich sweet or loving;
That really doesn't matter

You accuse me
A man of heart of stony walls;
I agree,
I hold no pretensions
Against your silly words;
They only amuse

You listen;
I engrave you red
On my solid heart;
That would last,
Won't fade away;
My heart stony;
So what?

May 24th 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Indira Renganathan 16 August 2008

Fantastic flow of expressions.It seems to be one sided love.Best wishes from this old woman.Nice write.Thank you

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Viola Grey 18 August 2008

the last stanza in this is purely love love it! ! ! ...great work

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, aryaindia 28 August 2008

I'm sure that poetry is running deep within you and not in the least superficial as that I have been finding in many writes of others here. Your truthful comparisons are excellent to muse over and I am sure that I may want to read your entire work. Thank you for the beauty of your thoughts. arya

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 01 October 2008

a poem by a loving heart...! ! ! and a master of words... :)

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C T Heart 25 November 2008

Yes! so what? for that's how you love...engraving red on a dry stone. I loved your last stanza, but could it be your heart of stone be melted by an angelic and divine love? ...romantic in a very sense, showed only the true you... Maestro a 10 for i always love your composition...not flowery, just a straight to the point and always making sense.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 17 April 2010

‘…stony; so what? ’ But engraving is there …nice conclusion…climaxed... Nifty conception touching heart Sir Voted 10+ hf Ms. Nivedita UK

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Antonio Liao 11 October 2009

wow! what a promise of love...insoluble immortal of the heart linger in the memory of the wind, build in the water loon of salute and wish to let this poem be sail of the waves of reality.....thank you dear friends...God bless....a 10 +++++

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Patti Masterman 27 August 2009

I had to comment on this lovely poem because it says it's words so well (shhh- and also because it looks you wrote it on my birthday- so it must be just for me?) smile..

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premji premji 17 July 2009

scratched on air scribbled on water........... you write poems, which get completed in my mind....................

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an indian man's love there that one...true sir

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