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Stop "Well Planned Genocide"!

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Please stop "Planned Genocide"!
Please stop "Planned Genocide"!

Rotten odours are dancing in Ariel regime
Curbed spirit are disrobing in acre line
The rape are like dead body on chest of nature
The fauna and the flora are dumb onlooker
crammed camp! But you are in cheered with wine glass
Oh' my sweetie; you holder the Nobel peace prize!
Razed the ghetto are and the human blood are charred

But my dearly sweetie is still in Nobel peace prize! !
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Stop "Well Planned Genocide"!
Sunday, January 21, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: brutality,political,tyranny,tyrant
Written on the Rohingya Crisis
Britte Ninad 16 August 2018

Oh! Inhumanity dances over there in well planned. Nicely written

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Valsa George 24 July 2018

This is a heart rending cry heard from all quarters of the world! When will the world stop this spilling of human blood and mass killing! More than anything, the initiative to restore peace and stop killing is needed from the part of world leaders! An outcry rising from the heart........! (10)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 July 2018

Thou democracy and humanity lick the sectarian rump! Humanity in thirst! Thou prize goes to apartheid hump! Please stop Well Planned Genocide! Please stop Well Planned Genocide! .......so touching. This is a strong write against brutality. Well deserved.

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Muzahidul Reza 22 February 2018

Please stop Well Planned Genocide! Please stop Well Planned Genocide! .......... well write on the genocide there in Mayanmar, ...... thanks for sharing the poem with us,10 You may read my poems on these issues, as The 21st Century's Murder And Massacre, Modern Wilderness, Surpassing Atrocity also I have written more ones on concerning Rohingya and Mayanmar,

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