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Strange Human Race

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Strange, strange the character of the human race

We, the human race on the earth is very strange -

The precious jingling anklet we wear on our feet
Where the cheap fingertip we keep on the forehead;

We celebrate any birthday by putting out the candle
Where we putting on the candle to remind the dead soul;

Milkman comes to the door to sell milk which is useful for health
Where we go out to drink wine though it's harmful to health;

We become angry, if anyone calls us a child of beast
Where we feel heroic energy if anyone calls us a child of a tigress;

We respect the salaried soldier as our national hero
Where we demand the death penalty for the public killer (nonsalaried) ;

Chattogram © Mahtab Bangalee

M Asim Nehal 19 May 2021

And of course there are many more to add on, we have no shames. Lets hope better sense will prevail someday. Profound poem.5*****

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Excellent observational poem. All words are brilliantly said and worded, mesmerizing, dear Mahtab, without any dishuise, your words are constantly true. Young and honest are you, dear Mahtab. Indeed human race is such strange- strange. God Bless You, Mahtab!

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I have come back now and I can hear Robert Frost the grteat Classic poet has started to declamate his poem, OOPS, I am mistaken, it is recited by a woman's voice, mesmerising! His Poem. Yours is also fascinating, very impressing about the human race, about us

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This is an amazing read, a most artistic poem you created, dear Mahtab! The musical advertisement becomes now quiet, am afraind my comments will be gone soon.

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Varsha M 18 May 2021

An encaptivating observation. Very beautifully gathered and well woven presentation. Admirations.

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Top stars dear, dear Mahtab. Hope you are well and safe. with prayers.

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A profound poem that sets us thinking deeply of our actions. As Asim ji says we are indeed, shameless

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There is no cooperation or coordination between the mind and speech. Man acts in a strange way.

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Strange human race, indeed! So difficult to comprehend the character and emotions of a human being.

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Nice Poem that shows me talking to myself like a mirror

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