Story Of A Girl Poem by Lara W.A

Story Of A Girl

Rating: 5.0

I wonder who she is?
She walks like there's no pre-determined destination
Sometimes she stops to draw breath
Then she carries on to fill up her tank
Her boots must have caused her foot sore
Cause she looks quite miserable in it.

I wonder if she's drunk?
Because her speed changes constantly;
It varies according to the weather
She looks like she's about to fall
Anytime soon
I wonder if the ground will be
Convenient enough to support
Her delicate skin
And her jaded soul?

I wonder if she knows i care?
Every morning before everything goes wrong
I pray she won't step on a bomb
I pray for a revolution
I beg the world 'don't torment this girl too much'
She's only 20
She doesn't need to learn all the lessons

I watch in misery as she talks to the mirror
To console her fading reflection
Her voice echos through the night
As she goes;
'I'm okay, i'm okay - i can do this'
I wonder if she knows she's fooling herself?

Everything falls apart before her very eyes
I wonder if she truly believes
That the sun will finally shine
And perhaps the caged bird will sing
If she stops whining?

Ivy Christou 09 September 2005

Anies this such a touching poem full of sympathy.. Excellent! HBH

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Leonard Lee 08 September 2005

nicely penned anies! ! as usual..heheh

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Gainor Ventresco 05 September 2005

I think this is a beautiful poem....very moving Gainor Ventresco

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