Sweet Torture Poem by Alfonsina Storni

Sweet Torture

Rating: 3.7

My melancholy was gold dust in your hands;
On your long hands I scattered my life;
My sweetnesses remained clutched in your hands;
Now I am a vial of perfume, emptied

How much sweet torture quietly suffered,
When, my soul wrested with shadowy sadness,
She who knows the tricks, I passed the days
kissing the two hands that stifled my life

Rebecca Navarre 14 October 2016

Wow! ! ! ! Talk about Incredible! ! ! How Beautifully Done! ! ! Congratulations! ! ! Really Wonderful Poem! ! ! Thank You for Sharing! ! !

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Bisy Untan 14 October 2016

Sweet tortures in life always give us the power of endurance. Beautiful thoughts!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 14 October 2016

How much sweet torture quietly suffered...... Congratulations for being selected poem of the day.......

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Seamus O Brian 14 October 2016

whoa, I kind of read this through quickly, not quite catching the depth of the pain and regret until the last 2 lines smacked me in the head. Then I went back and re-read it sinking deeper and deeper into that melancholy with each line. Powerful, and—indeed—haunting

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Rajnish Manga 14 October 2016

Great poem, a very poignant one, coming out of the heart of a tormented soul. I think the poem echoes the groans of millions of women through out the world. Thanks.

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Yousif Ibrahim Abubaker 26 August 2022

Amazing enough!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 August 2022

The pain is felt deeply in this poem of sweet torture

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 August 2022

Artuistic, poetic, great melancholy, most deserving as the Classic Poem Of The Day. Congratulations 5 Stars Full Score!

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Chinedu Dike 26 August 2022

Nicely expressed thoughts and feelings, a poignant piece of poetry

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Sandra Feldman 26 August 2022

Poetic reach a very deep sentiment.

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