Teach Not A Flying Bird To Swim Poem by Dr. Antony Theodore

Teach Not A Flying Bird To Swim

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O You Educators! ! !
Teach not a flyingbird to swim

Ask not a bird to burrow
It will break its wings and beak.

Force not the eagle
to swim like a fish.
Its world is the sky.

Teach not a bird to climb.
A monkey can do it better.

Train not the rabbit to fly.
Ask not the snake to walk straight.

Teach not the dog to sing
And ask not the squirrel to bark.

Let the peacock dance.
Ask not the hen to dance.

Train not the monkey to sing.
Nightingale will sing to you.

O You Educators! !
If only you knew
The creative potentials
Of the little humans
Entrusted to you! ! ! ! !

(As Educators we fail miserably in our schools and universities to understand the special creative capabilities of our students and to encourage them. We have to create a positive atmosphere and believe that each and every student entrusted to us is a unique being.Our children have greatness in them and very special talents. Parents should begin it in the family and teachers and Professors should continue to challenge and provoke them to get the best out of their uniqueness. It is our sublime duty to the younger generation) .

Romeo Della Valle 23 June 2010

You forgot to include in your poem: ' Do not teach an old dog a new trick', nevertheless, your excellent piece sends loud and clear the message! Well penned, my friend,10+++, Keep it up! Love and Peace...

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Chitra - 24 June 2010

Wonderful theme...of revamping the education system...a strong underlying current of urging policy makers to make the leraning setup more learner-centric! !

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Valsa George 26 October 2015

A very valuable instruction to the educators! As a teacher I can fully understand the verity of this advice! Train a child to find out his hidden potential and help him develop the area in which he is adept! Never force him into a groove others make for him! Well articulated!

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Adeline Foster 27 October 2015

An interesting debate on education. Hum-m, Read mine – Makeshift Education - Adeline

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Farisa Haleel 09 May 2016

Really good poem.... Exactly....there is a traditional old way of studying and learning.... The society teach them what in their text for an exam.treat every child as they having same potential avoiding their abilities..so that they gt defeated their talents inside.

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Abhipsa Panda 04 October 2018

I really agree Sir...... Being a teacher I also feel that every student is unique in some or the other manner

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Edward Kofi Louis 06 August 2018

If only you knew! ! ! ! Only teach the truth to all! For Peace And Love. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 06 August 2018

A beautiful poem full of wisdom. Very well ctafted. Liked the closure lines..It is the heartbeat of this poem. Very moving and perceptive write.10+++++

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Kumarmani Mahakul 21 June 2018

The substance of this poem is to provide justified education to the children as per their abilities. Difference examples are given here nicely. A beautiful didactic poem shared astutely.10

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Rini Shibu 12 June 2018

Often we forget to encourage the inborn talents and impose ones on interest..Wonderful poem All parents and teachers should read this

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