The Ant Explorer Poem by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

The Ant Explorer

Rating: 2.9

Once a little sugar ant made up his mind to roam-
To fare away far away, far away from home.
He had eaten all his breakfast, and he had his ma's consent
To see what he should chance to see and here's the way he went
Up and down a fern frond, round and round a stone,
Down a gloomy gully where he loathed to be alone,
Up a mighty mountain range, seven inches high,
Through the fearful forest grass that nearly hid the sky,
Out along a bracken bridge, bending in the moss,
Till he reached a dreadful desert that was feet and feet across.
'Twas a dry, deserted desert, and a trackless land to tread,
He wished that he was home again and tucked-up tight in bed.
His little legs were wobbly, his strength was nearly spent,
And so he turned around again and here's the way he went-
Back away from desert lands feet and feet across,
Back along the bracken bridge bending in the moss,
Through the fearful forest grass shutting out the sky,
Up a mighty mountain range seven inches high,
Down a gloomy gully, where he loathed to be alone,
Up and down a fern frond and round and round a stone.
A dreary ant, a weary ant, resolved no more to roam,
He staggered up the garden path and popped back home.

Bernard F. Asuncion 17 November 2018

Such an outstanding poem by Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis.............................

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Adrian Flett 17 November 2018

An ant's eye view of the wide world. Good fun to read the rhyming couplets

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M Asim Nehal 17 November 2018

Excellent poem.........Minute details nicely explored.Thanks for sharing it.

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T Rajan Evol 17 November 2018

Fascinating poem. Nicely worded.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 17 November 2018

Nice expression. Beautiful poem

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Savita Tyagi 17 November 2018

What a great adventrous and. Just like us it too longed to go home after a journey of exploration.

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Chukwuebuka Adebayo 17 November 2018

Well, well, well, that Was A great and a good poem anyway.

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Edward Kofi Louis 17 November 2018

Far away from home! ! ! Thanks for sharing.

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