The Barbarians Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

The Barbarians

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The Barbarians

no time known, what year?
I do not know
but...what I do know is that they are Christians,
but they deal in human trafficking

no smuggling, no it's all legal,
very long story

they just make huge profits, on the other fellow man,
who can't defend themselves,
the women are simply kidnapped,

first, they have to get skinny
so skinny till they can get through that narrow opening,
and then into the ship that awaits them,

after long months at sea, they finally arrive at their destination,
then they are traded, sold into slavery,
as a slave? ! Why? !

In their own country, they are ordinary good citizens,
now after this long boat trip, after being sold, they are called slaves,
live until their death as slaves, for their 'master' has chosen and bought them to work on the estate as slaves,
can you imagine, all their lives,

often they are raped by their masters, but not a word about it,
those masters have the power, they can do anything with their slaves, including beating them until they pass out,

no one looks at them when they are in their blood,
are they really Christians?
They call themselves that, but their actions are far from it.

Surely you would like to avenge the kidnappers,
at least kill them, for all they have done to these good people,
deep sigh on my part,
let God judge.

This is a translation of the poem De Barbaren by Sylvia Frances Chan
Monday, February 6, 2023

" they are Christians"! The question is, who is a Christian? It is clear that the people indulged in human trafficking can not be.

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Nabakishore Dash 07 February 2023

Barbarians would get their punishment by God definitely Madam Sylvia

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Jim McGill 06 February 2023

The only way to effectively stop this, is to remove the demand. Come down heavy on the creeps who buy these unfortunate people.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 08 February 2023

A brilliant poem depicting the evil acts of Barbarians. I hope and pray that all people had denounced all forms of slavery. Liked the ultimate stanza. We must not stain our hands with the blood of these barbaric people. Let God judge.!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 08 February 2023

It is beyond belief that Christians practiced this detestable act, all in the name of money. Yes, evils are sometimes hiding under the cloak of Christianity to act on their prey.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 08 February 2023

A powerful poem with a touch of history denouncing Barbarians, those who had practiced it and those who are still engage in this kind of abominable act.

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3. This serious (albeit emotional) poem tell us yet again, that Sylvia deserved to selected as POEM OF THE DAY by PoemHunter.

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2. They call themselves "Christian", but do they follow the ideals of He Who said, "Love Thy Neighbor "? Most pertinent writing. Top score.

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