The Bell Jar (Aft. Sylvia Plath) Poem by LeeAnn Azzopardi

The Bell Jar (Aft. Sylvia Plath)

Rating: 5.0

You look at me, as though,
I am a butterfly in a Bell Jar
I have noticed you staring through
Yr window, watching me getting my mail
With my little dog
You've been doing this for years
But now, you are making me paranoid
Sometimes, I see you with camera
And see a flash in the corner of my eye
Are you taking pictures of me picking up sh*t?
And posting them online?
I bet you are
Please stop examining me
I have done nothing wrong
Knowing you are in love with yr lawn
I'll try not to let my dog do his business on it
But I feel like a butterfly in the Bell Jar
A person without peace


Plath's ‘The Bell Jar' is a nostalgia for me. Now, this marvellous poem rekindles my emotions. Thank You. And 5 *s

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Richard Wlodarski 10 May 2022

Sylvial Plath was such a great poet! And here you are, LeeAnn following in her footsteps. Love the diversity of your poetry!

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M.J. Lemon 10 May 2022

Brilliant, LeeAnn. You've captured Sylvia in that Bell Jar.

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Kim Barney 10 May 2022

We are witnessing the rebirth of Sylvia Plath in the person of LeeAnn Azzopardi. I actually have a copy of her book The Bell Jar somewhere in my house. I read part of it once. Now I will have to find it and read the rest of it.

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Marvellous poem Lee Ann! Like Kim says rebirth of Sylvia Plath as LeeAnn. I endorse with top score.... : )

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M. Asim Nehal 11 May 2022

This is awesome tribute to one of the greatest poetess. Kudos! ! ! !

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Bri Edwards 11 May 2022

I usually catch my careless grammar errors before submitting a poem, or afterwards, and edit them. I read other comments. I thought Slyvia Plath was a singer; was she also a poet and author of a novel? bri : )

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Bri Edwards 11 May 2022

Why use 'Aft.' (for After?) and 'Yr' [sic] (for Your?) instead of spelling out words? And: 'You're been doing this for years.'. Use 'You've'. '

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Bri Edwards 11 May 2022

...but if you click 'Download image of this poem' (below poem) , you can see the whole poem. You DO see the nasty 'black box', don't you? ? : ( bri

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Bri Edwards 11 May 2022

'You look at me, as though, I am a butterfly in a Bell Jar' are the first two lines. The 'black box' below title hides those lines, but...

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