The Black Eye Poem by LeeAnn Azzopardi

The Black Eye

Rating: 5.0

Yr lips are redder than the sky at dusk
But yr eyes are blacker than the sea
I'll love you always
Though, you keep breaking my heart
After our last fight, I wonder if I should leave
The black eye you gave me could be blacker
But I finally I found a blend of cosmetics to cover it
You want to apologise, but I want you to get help
Realising I can't take it anymore
I am sorry, I got to go
As it's the only way it will stop
I'll go somewhere that you won't find me
And have someone to jerk around
Maybe then, you'll get help

Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: abuse,bittersweet love
Richard Wlodarski 21 June 2022

Respect and admiration for you having the courage to write this very heartwrenching poem! It was a very difficult read. I am praying for you to get the vital professional help that is needed. Then, you'll really set the world on fire with your books of poetry!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 21 June 2022

I hope this poem is a creation of your imagination, and not your real life. Enjoyed reading it.

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Michael Cochrane 22 June 2022

Dear LeeAnn, any man who hits a lady is not a real man. You are a caring woman who does not deserve such treatment. You will find a man who respects you and cares about you so have courage to move on no matter how difficult.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 24 June 2022

A deeply poignant and very touching story. Top Marks.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 24 June 2022

I hope and pray that this heartrending poem is just a figment of one's imagination. No woman should be subjected to any abuse or domestic violence. Otherwise, such act must be dealt with by law.

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Rebecca Navarre 23 June 2022

A powerful poem of pain that no heart should suffer! .. Beyond #'s! ..++++++++++++++++

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Rebecca Navarre 23 June 2022

Dear LeeAnn, I truly Hope you find a safe place! .. You deserve to be treated with a gentle loving kindness! ..

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M. Asim Nehal 23 June 2022

Tough time don't last but tough people do. You are courageous enough to handle it in your own way. I suppose its a your poetic imagination.

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