The Chemo Therapy Poem by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

The Chemo Therapy

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you enter the system as a friend
do you intend to turn a foe..or
do you want to keep the patient on his toe

your mission was to kill the cells which were bad
on your way in you tend to kill the good
the good should be really good to withstand you good

you need to be taught
you need to be introduced
you need to be understood by your patient

Sandra Martyres 16 March 2009

Wow very well said...sometimes I wonder like you whether chemo is a life saver or a life taker....10

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Greenwolfe 1962 16 March 2009

This is a good advice piece to take to the doctor that treats you and everyone involved to remember that you are a human being first. GW62

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Sandra Fowler 16 March 2009

Chemo Therapy. Often a difficult choice. After it is made, one can only pray and place oneself in The Hands of God. An excellent thought provoking write. You deserve more than a ten for this. Kind regards, Sandra

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Ramesh T A 17 March 2009

It is true. Nowadays I find the medical treatment is done as a mechanic does the job in the workshop! Medical care is dealing with the life not with material of no importance! This thought should be there in the minds of the medical practitioners.

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Louis Rams 02 June 2009

very good write on chemo

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very good piece. chemo therapy is an unfortunate fate... but can help.

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Lynda Robson 17 March 2009

A well written poem explaining chemo therapy, an interesting write, thanks, 10 Lynda xx

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Ency Bearis 17 March 2009

One of the process to eradicate the metastatic cells of the cancer is by chemotherapy..a hit or miss therapy..and it is a well planned process and the patients are well informed about this..some with others none...and sad to say the patient eventually will your write a little bit of controversy in here as the patient in the their way of counseling and this is a well planned procedure they are well informed......a provoking write....

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Kesav Easwaran 17 March 2009

a physician cannot become sentimental here...the patient should accept him as a mechanic who repairs his body...well, in the process good cells are also damaged...inevitable...we have to lose something good in us to get rid of the 'bad' in us...a philosophic truth...good themes, you write on SLN...10

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