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The Dandelions Were Listening

I never did the
''He loves me not....
He loves me'' game
with flowers.
I already knew nobody loved me
so why should I listen
to a stupid flower?

I did make wishes
on dandelions

after the bloom died
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Michael Philips 20 January 2006

This is a wonderful poem, Mary. It has a wonderful flow and a strong narrative line. It's the best poem I've read by you.

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Ernestine Northover 14 January 2006

You are a 'smashing' person Mary. What a lovely write this is, and so beautifully said. Gave a bit of a 'sniff' if you know what I mean, and possibly a tear in the corner of the eye. Brilliant one from you as always. Love Ernestine XXX

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jonni o 14 January 2006

Mary, I like the ending of your poem very much. j.

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Hugh Cobb 13 January 2006

A lovely poem, Mary. It speaks of wishes fulfilled and the realization years later that they were. Fine lines, fine images. Well done. All the best, Hugh

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David Gerardino 13 January 2006

to a stupid flower? great line, great poem............

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Will Barber 05 May 2006

Wow, this is wonderful. What a poignant beginning and radiant close.

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Becky Ginn 31 March 2006

Hey Mary, this poem is definately gonna become one of my favourites. It is fab. Keep those finger strickin' the keyboard in the great way that they do. All the best and keep writing buzzin' poems. Check mine out if you fancy. Love Becky! !

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Duncan Wyllie 23 March 2006

Sculpted to perfection.This is worth a more meaningful comment than I feel able to do.Love Duncan

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Ronberge .. 24 January 2006

Just heard Max Reif perfrom it. This one goes into my favorites. Good job! Sincerement R.

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Chuck Audette 24 January 2006

Excellent one, Mary. I read Jefferson Carter's comments and think he helped you tighten this up wonderfully - more terse, more energy in each word.. Dandelions aren't any good for 'he loves me, he loves me not' (too many petals) but they work well for 'momma had a baby and her head popped off'... in this case, apparently revealing a poetry treasurehouse! -chuck

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