## The G O O D B Y E Poem by sarwar chowdhury

## The G O O D B Y E

Rating: 3.8

So I go
…..smile all of friend and foe.
.….the time has come to depart
…..be off a must that do us part.

…..do not shed tears do not mourn
…..wasn’t here- came to be torn.

So I go
…..smile all of friend and foe
…..life come, learn, burn, test, go by
…..death values life, gladly say goodbye!

…..love is the cause, life the effect
…..love to love, not to love in fact!

So I go
…..smile all of friend and foe
…..practice love to get the Love
…..things move see down to above.

…..all of soul mate, listen come near
…..love has set even will no appear!

So I go
..Dear earth, grateful to gravity..thanks basic forces..mountains, green grass…sun moon little star..thanks Himalaya… butterfly, birds, rivers…..
O sky, dear cloud, rain, sea, ocean thanks lot..blossoms of bosoms… waves, dawn, breeze.. dear shade trees! anguishes felt, but
nothing to do, thanks and forgive, dews drop, days,
sunshine, nights..thanks flood, cyclone, tsunami
….to volcano too…and satan, couldn’t
Influence me to loot innocence of sweet
girls, thanks to your failure.And owls,
born blind to dark night
thanks for prayer
in vain…
So I go
Dear dogs, cats rats..monkey dolphin donkey…smile all animals in Asia Africa Europe, Australia, America…. Amazon, sundarban…smile sweet dear humming bird… Royal Bengal tiger…. horse, aphrodisiac zebra, cow, ass, ants bees … deer, hare, carnivorous bear..smile venomous snake, insect.. and too, dear penguins..And colours in motion..the origin absolute white..

So going away dear Tajmahal..All the best dear Bangladesh motherland mine …O my golden Bengal, I love you.. Know, this is not an end of the self but an end…ordered to came from timelessness, lived in time and return now into timelessness… So going away…bye dear bye, thanks for thou invisible kisses again and again..warmth regards…cheerio!

*** [I was sleeping in the afternoon the other day. In dream I saw, I was writing ‘the goodbye’ poem. And when awaked I turn on my friend poet Mustakim rahi’s computer and started write this piece.]

-september,2009- All right reserved

Patti Masterman 24 September 2009

You are very original and creative

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Ravi Sathasivam 24 September 2009

Great poem from you. A heart felt poem too I feel too young to say goodbye now Well penned Thanks for sharing with me

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Sandra Martyres 23 September 2009

Lovely write Sarwar....just hope that this is not a final goodbye to PH......

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Rachel Butler 22 September 2009

practice love to get the Love …..things move see down to above. Rachel Ann Butler

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Luwi Habte 21 September 2009

oh, Great poem from a great poet hey this is heart felt poem lovely piece heartfelt for real luwi

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 08 October 2009

A grand prix au revoir with bosoming-in in the inn everybody. Perfect chime for ten Sir Ms. Nivedita Cordially invite read and comment on my poems niv

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Antonio Liao 28 September 2009

wow! a great master piece, of reflection amongst us.....of what is reality in today’s world......a deep and bonding connect of what life amidst the evolution of time, such a genuine heart rays the truth of what will be the next pages of our life....excellent view of a lifetime...thank you and God bless...a 10 +++

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Mamta Agarwal 25 September 2009

you never cease to amaze, Sarwar. this is full of poetic wisdom, turn a lot of cliche on their head. love for animate and inanimate things- a comparative study. impressive and very creative

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Kesav Easwaran 25 September 2009

original and imaginative...thanks...10

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Dr.subhendu Kar 24 September 2009

..love is the cause, life the effect …..love to love, not to love in fact! .....................quite passionate as we bid farewell at finale, heartfelt rocking tunes,10+++, thanks for sharing

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sarwar chowdhury

sarwar chowdhury

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