James Peters

The Glade - Poem by James Peters

Strolling out one summers day - I chanced upon a glade
And though I could not say, quite how - To the centre, I was bade
I ventured slowly, glancing round - To see what tugged at me
There beckoning, with whispers - Stood a silver Valkyrie
In disbelief I made to go - She quickly begged me stay
I turned back facing to the glade - And found, she barred my way
Behind her, in a crest of arms - Was a knight on bended knee
And as I stood, a stalwart voice - Did speak these words to he
“Be bold, young sir, as you live your life
Let not feint heart, deny your right
Be not consumed with greed and lust
And grasp the nettle, when you must
Surrender not unto your pride
Let truth and justice be your guide
Waste not your life on petty hate
Beware the sins that seal your fate”
And as I listened locked in awe - I thought that it was me
Who knelt so still, in dappled shade - Beneath yon rowan tree
But then could I, observe myself - Kneeling over there
Listening to a stalwart voice - Which sounded everywhere
I reasoned I had fell asleep - This peaceful afternoon
And if I knew it was a dream - Mayhap, would waken soon
At peace within this noble scene - I had no haste to wake
But pondered on the words I heard - The speech the voice did make
What of this voice that earnestly - Did chide the good sir knight
Of what to do and how to go - And actions which where right
Who was she, that Valkyrie - Who acted most serene?
Did stalwart voice belong a king - This Viking myth, his queen?
Alas, the thoughts did slip away - When I became aware
The glade was as it had been - And only I stood there
Had what I saw, transpired then - Within this leafy scene?
Or was it just a fantasy - A heat induced daydream?
Perplexed, bemused, and mystified, I carried on my way
I had no explanation - Of the happenings today
But, as I resumed, my travels on - My thoughts did gather thus
If he, sir knight, was honour bound - To heed that which was said
Then should I not, take note myself - And keep it in my head
For me it seemed like good advice - To give a noble youth
To carry with him all his life - And live his life in truth

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 8, 2006

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