The Horrible Scene Poem by Catrina Heart

The Horrible Scene

Rating: 3.7

On their deaths lies 46 dreadful tales
From their blood emerged boiling ire of revenge
Eyes on fire, multiple grinding teeth of tigers
Hearts ripped apart from their lost of kin
Massacre covered the glowing day of dreams

Slugs litter, Blood scattered
Watered the land in red, painted the lane - departed
Some were buried alive, some were raped
All ruthlessly slayed, in the name of political reign
Is this how to win the power by exterminating your contender?

Justice to those victims of this horrible scene!
Justice scream to those Maguindanao Massacre victims!
Don't just stand there watching, do something to stop these killings!
We are begging......please be God fearing, those who are ruling!
We don't want these scenes, we don't want sufferings.....please stop slaying! ! !

25th 0f November,2009

Please pray for all the victims of these dreadful injustices happening around the world! ! !
Thanks and love to all of you.......

Carol Gall 24 November 2009

i pray for them and every innocent preye upon by evil rulers 10

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Eyan Desir 24 November 2009

First I will like to say sorry about the debate.... I think poems are interpreted differently by different people... Sorry, I got it wrong... About this poem the wording is excellent great flow... wow I will keep reading, I have total respect for you and your work.... hoping mine could be as beautiful as yours thank you....

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Lady Grace 24 November 2009

my goshhhhhhhh...we have similar topics as dedications for the innocents dear....thanks also for sharing....u know, this place is only 3 hours ride from ours...and i was so shock upon knowing this coz i have many friends living there..well, the fact is we really know that there are people who cant be contented by other's management so...maybe thats the reason why it cruel but we can't do nothing except to offer a prayer for their souls... you expressed nicely the truths for a good poetry dear..this is nicely done...hope ur fine...lav uuuuuuuuuuu...mmmuahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....ingatz...

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Sandra Martyres 25 November 2009

A gory scene expressed in exquisite poetry....This is so sad indeed Catrina...let us pray for their departed souls..there is little else that we can do.

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Ency Bearis 25 November 2009

A horrible thing happened there..I saw it in the news by TFC.......tsk, tsk, tsk Sure my prayer to them....

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Allan O 01 December 2009

this is not poetry..this is sadness at it's peak...all over the world innocent people are dying for reasons that make no sense...those who do these things say they have this right..they are the chosen one's...they ar nothing...cowards who use others to do their dreadful dealings...yet the one's in charge hide themselves like the vermon they are...but they can not hide from the Lord....enjoy your victory on earth my vermon souls...for in the end it is you that shall pay the tolls.... bless you Catrina....great meanings...~^..^ 10+++++

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Chandrashekar A Posy Poet 27 November 2009

very dreadful act...................may their souls rest in peace.....

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Miriam Maia Padua 27 November 2009

Where is the love? Where is the fear of God? Where is brotherhood? Where is justice? they have to find love first to attain all these... Why the greed for power? ....really a horrible act....monsters, demons in their hearts.....hope they will have a change of hearts... Let the good ones rule the land.... ....crispy expression of hurt and anguish...which we all feel... 10++++ Maia

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Afzal Shauq 27 November 2009

We are begging......please be God fearing, those who are rulling! We don't want these scenes, we don't want sufferings.....please stop slaying! ! I think the same condition and situation is all around the world but in defferent way...I agree with your idea..politicians are caused for this...we select them and they hurt our we should feel guilty too...10/10

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 27 November 2009

Perhaps this is happening all over the world in different forms......a good write....

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