The Idol (1956) Poem by Scarlett Treat

The Idol (1956)

Rating: 3.1

We waited,
and waited,
and waited
for the long-haired idol
who drove
a pink cadillac.
How were we to know
the engine had blown
halfway between
Memphis and Tupelo.

When he finally arrived,
(Only two hours late! !) ,
we were beyond ecstatic.
The crowd cheered
and stomped the floor
until the dust in the old barn
filtered upward into the
blue spotlights on the upper beams.
We were beside ourselves
as we Rocked with the KING!

Rusty Daily 03 February 2006

There aren't too many of us senior citizens who remember those days and times are there Linda. Thanks for the memories. Rusty

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Mary Nagy 03 February 2006

How exciting that must've been! You are very lucky. Nice that you shared this memory. :) sincerely, Mary

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Bonnie L. Fry 22 February 2006

I felt like I was right there with u waiting for the King

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Duncan Wyllie 22 February 2007

Wow! that sounds like a worth while wait Scarlett, A poem of lasting impression, must have meant alot to you Well done again Love duncan X

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Ray Lucero 31 May 2006

Scarlett, (I love that name) I grew up on Elvis, Berry, Little Richard, Fats, and was a real treat to visit Tupelo! Too bad we could not meet up for a cup of coffee! My daughter lives in Saltillo, a recent transplant from Phoenix, she and her family love it there. I went to my granddaughters softball game and had a grand time hanging out with the local folk...and eating BBQ at John's BBQ....mmmmm, those fried pickles and homemade potato chips....yummy. I love 'The Idol', it captures the intensity and fervor of 'The King'...thanks for the nice write. I will look over some of your other writings as time allows. Ya'll take care...hear, Ray

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Esther Leclerc 02 May 2006

Linda, Scarlett my dear - I bet you were a wonder to behold in 1956! This makes for a nice 50th anniversary commemoration of the occasion. Congratulations on your award for this poem! With love and hip swivels, Esther : ]

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Anna Russell 27 April 2006

Always wished I could've seen the King. Thanks to you, I just have! Hugs Anna xxx

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Mike Finley 20 April 2006

The King is dead - long live The King. You weren't kidding about thinning the ranks of poems, Scarlett - good for you. I agree about the feeling of slimness. When we put it all up there, we are dragged down by the stuff that is OK, but not completely strong. Knowing we can leave some in the drawer gives us power.

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