The Jasmin Poem by Giorgos Seferis

The Jasmin

Rating: 3.6

Whether it's dusk
or dawn's first light
the jasmin stays
always white.

Susan Williams 19 November 2015

It is amazing to me how a few words in the hands of a skilled author can paint such beautiful pictures and send our imagination into the stratosphere

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Anton K 06 November 2015

I would like to hear how his sounds in the original Greek.

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William Jackson 14 March 2006

Nice poem. I like the little white flowers of jasmine and the sweet fragrance.

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John Richter 19 November 2015

Sweet little poem - good to remember on a picnic or special occasion requiring flowers - And Anton my guess is that he wrote this in English since his couplets end with a tail rhyme. I suppose it could have been just a happy accident though...

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Sofia Kioroglou 22 September 2015

Brilliant poem! Giorgos Seferis' poetry is unparallelled!

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Chinedu Dike 05 November 2019

Concise and insightful verse. A beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing................

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In short lines the poem shows the nature

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In short lines the poet describes the nature's reality

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Anil Kumar Panda 10 March 2017

Yeah.Short and sweet. Very nice.

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Leloudia Migdali 30 May 2016

Such power in so few words! I just loved it!

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