The Lost World Poem by Vaibhav Pandey

The Lost World

Rating: 5.0

Where is that earth
which was full of wealth,
far away from the dearth! ! !

Where is that air
so pure and clear,
that touched the skin
with love and care! ! !

Where is that light
that enhanced
the beauty of a sight,
revealed the world
that was once so bright! ! !

Where is that nature
that was the lifeline
of all the creature,
proliferating the earth's stature! ! !

Where are those gone
who treated everyone as their own,
embracing mankind
with holy spirited mind! ! !

Alas! could we find our world back?
The beautiful world,
the world we have lost.

Tulsi Hanumanthu 20 December 2008

The weighty thoughts embedded in this poem perhaps outweigh your age. I am sure there is a bright future in store for you.

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Autumn Stoddard 23 December 2008

Wonderful, you showed the concept well.

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Sebastine Humaemo 23 December 2008

beautiful.............perfect rhyme......thanks for sharing.........sebastine.......

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John Weber 30 December 2008

Deep questions of healing and harm abound within this piece. I appreciate the passion of your words here, Vaibhav; there not a shrug of complacency to be found without doubt. As a society, we face an arduous task of rebuilding the relations of humanity by seizing the reigns away from the global bankers set on enslaving us all. Look forward to more of your pondering, my friend! Warm regards, John.

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C T Heart 05 January 2009

Excellent poetic prose. Questions arising from the heart for you care so much about the world we live in...You have pricked your readers collective conscience and emphasized moral obligation as they answer in their mind your beautiful queries...Question marks are far better to use than exclamation points, for you started your stanzas with a question. Or rather use both? ! to give more emphasis and energy.10++++

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Ritty Patnaik 27 January 2010

longing for a beautiful clean world comes through very strong., though we realise that we have destroyed nature the wellspring of creation, it is too late.your thoughts are beautiful vaibhav!

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Gold Fish 16 October 2009

Partially, it still exists in isolated areas, and we should attempt to preserve the natural beauties that remain, so that future generations can appreciate them long after they are gone. The industrial revolution had a detrimental effect on many aspects of nature. Progress at the cost of nature; for seldom is anything truly free, and typically someone has to pay one way or the other. A Lost World, indeed. Thanks for sharing. Vivid and Contemplating. 10+

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Sandra Martyres 03 May 2009

A brilliant piece with atouch of philosophy Vaibhav...10+

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 28 April 2009

what more can i say? only amazing! ! ! brilliantly done!

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Mark R Slaughter 18 March 2009

Another good thought-provoking work. At it begs the question 'will it ever be found? ' Mark

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