The Mice And The Elephants- A Found Poem For Children Poem by Indira Renganathan

The Mice And The Elephants- A Found Poem For Children

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Once upon a time a place fell into ruins
The mice of that place infested at once

They began playing upon the dwellings happily
Spent their days spoiling more the ruins merrily

But soon appeared on that scene of mice's play
An elephant king with his large herd to dismay

They had set out for the place upon information
That there was a lake full of water like ocean

As all of them marched to their destination
Lo, unknowingly they crushed many mice to destruction

Deeply hurt, the surviving mice convened a meeting at speed
A remedy for the crisis was then their immediate need

The mice visited the king elephant and begged for mercy
Stating that they could also help the elephants in any urgency

The king granted their request.In accordance soon it happened
That the elephant king and his herd, some poachers trapped

The king sought the mice's help and the mice gathered in thousands
They gnawed the guy ropes setting free their friends.

A timely favour should be returned timely when need arises
As a gesture of give-and take with good manners and wishes

Note: Below is the original text for this found poem taken from 'The New Sunday Express Magazine',
part of the daily newspaper 'The New Indian Express' group

Modern Panchatantra At Work

There was once a place that had fallen into ruins.So the mice of the area had happily occupied the
dwellings in large numbers.But soon appeared on the scene an elephant king with his large herd.
They had set out for the place upon information that there was a lake full of water.As they
marched to their destination they unknowingly crushed many of the mouse community.The survivors
convened a meeting to devise a remedy for the crisis.Some of them visited the lake and begged
for mercy before the elephant king stating that they could also beof some help if need arose.
The king granted their request.One day the elephant king and many from his herd were trapped by
poachers.The king turned to the mice for help.They gathered by the thousands ready to return the
favour extended to them.The mice gnawed the guy ropes setting their friends free.

Moral: If you have ever taken the help of a colleague you should return the favour when the need
arises.If someone is dealing with an excessive workload or a crisis, it's in the interest of
the organization to pull together as a team.


The original Panchatantra Stories carry morals and ethics for human welfare. But the modern Panchatantra refer to political satire? However you have successfully weaved out a poem

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Nabakishore Dash 01 July 2022

awesome poem with very noble message revered Indira Mam.

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Nabakishore Dash 21 July 2022


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Bharati Nayak 21 July 2022

An interesting poem with a good message.Congratulations Madam for your poem being selected as the Poem of the Day!

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Anna 21 July 2022

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 03 August 2022

Congratulations, Ma'am Indira for having this poem chosen as Poem Of The Day..

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 03 August 2022

A wonderful poem with a story that carries a beautiful and meaningful message. A great read for all especially children.

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Indira Renganathan 26 July 2022

Thanks to you all dear poets, for your valuable comments on this poem....I feel very much honoured

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Beautifully penned by you dear Indira Ma'm. To my favourites with a top score.

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A fascinating Panchatantra story with a message, moral and the strength of team work..

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