The Misunderstood Pun Poem by Jim Yerman

The Misunderstood Pun

Rating: 5.0

All my life I’ve heard the groans yes, since I was a little one
Because for as long as I can remember I’ve been enamored with the pun.

For instance the other day Deborah and I were out discussing bees
She said she thought they were beautiful and asked if I agreed.

I said the answer to that question is on the Apiarist’s shoulder
Because beauty, as everyone knows, is in the eye of the bee holder.

See! A pun is not only ingenious but when the joke is through
People marvel at the witticism and how funny you are too.

(Although many times I must admit once the pun is shown
Their laughter takes the shape of a grimace or a groan)

If one pun wasn’t enough evidence to make my case airtight
Here are a few more examples to help you see the light.

How do you know if your pony’s sick…why, he is a little hoarse.
What happens when all chemists die…They barium, of course!

A pun can quickly turn a wall flower into the party clown
When he says I’m reading a book on anti-gravity and I just can’t put it down.

By now you’re probably laughing so hard there’s a pain inside your chest
So I’m giving you a moment to slow down, stop and take a rest.

When you’ve dried your tears and caught your breath and you’re ready for more mirth
Read on my friends, read on, for there are more puns to unearth.

If the mathematician’s getting fat and you want to find out why
The answer’s easy, chances are he’s been eating too much Pi.

I stayed up all night to watch the sun, where it went I desperately wanted to see
Then all of a sudden in the morning the answer dawned on me.

A man whose left side was completely cut off…I bet you’re wondering how
The doctor said not to worry because the man is all right now.

There you have it; the case is closed I hope in you pun love I have awoke
And I hope you’ll join me in realizing the pun is more than just a joke.

By the way these 7 pun examples will start you on your way
I suggest you take it easy at first and use but one a day.

Why 7 you ask? I’ll tell you what gives that number its mystique?
Because everyone knows 7 days without a pun definitely makes one weak!

It’s true laughter can be confusing so let me clear this up for you.
As people respond to your puns… boos and groans are laughter too!

And if on that rare occasion people react like you don’t think they should
Remember some of the greatest minds in history are often misunderstood.

Cowboy Ron Williams 14 February 2022

Great stuff, Jim! I love a good pun.

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Brian Mayo 13 August 2021

Very nice. This little honey of a poem had me grinning.

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Kim Barney 12 August 2021

Another five-star poem! I love puns!

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Lenny Camacho 30 October 2013

awesome, funny, witty, and grearly enjoyeable

2 1 Reply
Pradip Chattopadhyay 29 October 2013

this is a fantastic poem, Jim, brilliantly witty! can imagine your delight while thinking it out and composing.

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