Aufie Zophy

Gold Star - 18,430 Points (18 October 1964)

The Never Ending Poem Of Good Ideas - Poem by Aufie Zophy

Note: I start this poem with 1 stanza only and invite everyone reading it to add 1 powerful positive idea to the poem in the form of one stanza of minimal 2 and maximal six lines. It has to rhyme! The practical approach on how stanzas can be added is explained below (this poem's story) . Here comes the never ending poem of positive ideas:


The words in this stanza are meant to be the start
of one of the longest, most wonderful pieces of art
full of powerful ideas, imagination, super smart
touching and moving each reader's soul and heart
. 14.7.14 (by Aufie Zophy)

For all mankind my wish would be,
all peoples on this earth set free;
All peoples here, all peoples there,
forever breathing freedom's air.
. 16.7.14 (by Joseph Anderson)

Whenever you have time take a seat
let it be spent for the mind to understand the read
Together with the heart just listen to the beat
thinking about life and how fast it speed
And try to find its meaning, do we meet
. 17.7.14 (by Unwritten Soul)

There is a thing called HOPE, LOVE, AND FAITH
that we must grab on to before it's too late
love making is what can be sold,
but love is what makes us whole,
and faith and hope cannot be taken away
for it is something that will always stay.
. 18.7.2014 (by Louis Rams)

Utter a word of kindness to all you meet
If not, arch your lips into a pleasing smile
You can give it absolutely free of cost
Yet it will leave the world less hostile
. 19.7.2014 (by Valsa George)

We live in a world
of everlasting change,
the changes that we make
will decide our fate
let's make it free of hate
. 24.7.2014 (by Dave Walker)

How many times can we say alas!
And this too shall pass
. 24.7.2014 (by Persian Nightingale)

One day, may every man on earth forever be
As they've been born: equal, innocent, free
To overflow with smiles and warmth of pure love.
Could our earth our moon and sun fill the entire human race
with only love and kindness, and make us forget all wars?
Please hurry to connect, we need to catch our last chance!
. 25.7.2014 (by Elena Sandu)

Feel the love and let it flow
As a never-ending stream
Through the veins of all humanity -
Make it real, not just as a dream
Make it real, not just as a dream
. 28.7.2014 (by Valerie Dohren)

It's a miracle that I can walk
It's a miracle that I can talk
It's a miracle that I can see
It's a miracle these ears of me
Isn't our whole life a miracle?
. 5.8.2014 (by Aufie Zophy)

When in poverty wallows the multitude
One of sharing should be your attitude
Do not hoard wealth more than you need
Or merely to satisfy your enormous greed
From your abundance, when the poor you feed
From the clutches of selfishness you'll be freed
. 5.8.2014 (by Valsa George)

My creative mood is dead for some time
watching life lost in senseless crime
Each time I lift my fingers to write
flashes of gruesome scenes override
this has been ever since the Gaza strike
I pray and hope the end of it is bright
. 10.8.2014 (by Nor Hayati Osman)

your stanza
. (by you)


Topic(s) of this poem: love and art

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Please write the next stanza of this poem, preferably 4 verses long (minimum 2, maximum 6) . Rhyming is required. Once written, please post it either as a comment on this poem, a message to this poet or can email to

Subsequently I will insert your contribution in the main text of the poem. Your author/poet name will be listed under the stanza as an appreciation to your contribution. Contributions should be original and free of copyright issues.

Let us all together make this a fantastic piece of art, a never ending poem full of goodness. For poets who have more than 1 idea to contribute, please wait until there are at least 5 stanzas from other authors before submitting the next one.

Here I list the consecutive contributors and one word about the content of their contribution (many thanks to each)
Aufie Zophy (intro)
Joseph Anderson (freedom)
Unwritten Soul (reflection)
Louis Rams (hope, love and faith)
Valsa George (kind words)
Dave Walker (free of hate)
Persian Nightingale (this too will pass)
Elena Sandu (peace)
Valerie Dohren, (flow of love)
Aufie Zophy (miracle)
Valsa George (sharing)
Nor Hayati Othman (thought block by war)

Comments about The Never Ending Poem Of Good Ideas by Aufie Zophy

  • (8/3/2014 4:01:00 PM)

    A never-ending poem of everlasting proportions,
    giving hope, love and faith to the entire world.
    Through valid and sincere desires of many
    poets as we all converge, trying to show others
    how to make this earth a better place for all to
    live in harmony and peace.

    An excellent way to encourage all poets in the world to unite against the atrocities in life. Lovin' it! Thank you for your comments on my poem: Compassion Of Wisdom, they were very much appreciated! RoseAnn
    (Report) Reply

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  • Howard 'the motivational poet' Simon (7/18/2014 8:57:00 PM)

    A powerful perspective that is both creative and compelling! (Report) Reply

  • Unwritten Soul (7/18/2014 4:48:00 AM)

    Everybody please support Hans by posting poem..Let spread love to be forever in eternity space (Report) Reply

  • Louis Rams (7/17/2014 10:06:00 PM)

    in this world where the only things you see is slavery, hunger, war, and poverty
    is a thing called HOPE, LOVE, AND FAITH that we must grab on to before it's too late
    love making can be sold , but love is what makes us whole, and faith and hope cannot be taken away
    for it is something that will always stay.
    three words just like the three we use every day - FATHER, SON, HOLY GHOST
    these are what we treasure the most.
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  • (7/16/2014 4:24:00 AM)

    Then will wait.
    Siya_! !
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